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Wed, Oct 21 ‒ Evening Wine & Dine Seminar, Plus Two Afternoon Workshops
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Oct 21 ‒ Burlingame

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Seminar:  Five Tips on Choosing a Marketing Automation System

Plus 2 Workshops:
Social Media Advertising and Local Search Marketing

Karla Haley, Marketo & Consultant

Join us for our upcoming evening hors d’oeuvres and wine bar learning event, featuring Karla Haley, one of Silicon Valley’s most-experienced marketing and sales automation consultants, who will be delivering a tactical seminar on how to choose a marketing automation system. Plus, before our evening event we’ll have two workshops on Social Media Advertising Best Practices and Local and Mobile SEO Best Practices.

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Evening Seminar:

It’s not every day that you choose a marketing automation (MA) system, but it’s likely to come up more often in your career than you might think. After all, many automation vendors have been acquired by major companies like Oracle, IBM and, who are cutting prices or adding features that could change the landscape. Not to mention that most systems are up for renewal on an annual basis. Perhaps someone in your company wants a cheaper or simpler system. Maybe it’s time to get a more powerful and flexible system. This seminar will give you the top five areas to consider when thinking about changing your marketing automation system.

What you will learn:
  • Why it’s not as easy to change a marketing automation “SaaS” as you might think
  • Which MA functions are most important for which types of markets (buying cycles)
  • Why you can’t believe what vendors tell you about “ease of use”
  • Which “non-sexy” features should you care about most
  • Why you can’t trust a features checklist and what you can trust instead
Afternoon Workshops

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Burlingame ‒ Wed. Oct 21

  Crowne Plaza Hotel
  1177 Airport Blvd, Burlingame, CA 94010
  (650) 342-9200

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  and will notify all registrants if a change occurs.

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1:30-3:30 Social Media Workshop
3:30-5:30 Local Search Workshop
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6:00-7:30 Hors d’oeuvres, No-Host Bar & Speaker

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Before the evening event we will be offering two fabulous workshops in partnership with the Online Marketing Institute. You can take the workshops ala carte, or as part of a certificate in online marketing. They are practical and tactical, with step-by-step instruction and integrated case studies.

1:30 ‒ 3:30 AM,   Social Media Advertising Best Practices:
How to create and run ads on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Google+

Instructor:   John Thyfault, VP, Search Engine & Social Media Marketing, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing

As social media sites grow and mature, many marketers are adding targeted advertising on social sites to their media mix. Advertising on social media sites has the advantage of getting your message in front of the right people based on their activities and characteristics. Done properly it can deliver strong ROI, and help you to develop a more in-depth understanding of your customers. Procter & Gamble recently stated they were increasing their social media ad budget to 35% of their total spend. But many social media users are conditioned to ignore ads on the page, having grown up with them over the last 10 years. Understanding how to overcome this is a key to your long term success with social media advertising. This workshop will walk you through the major social media sites, their offerings and the best practices to optimize your message to the site and the social media user.

3:30 ‒ 5:30 PM,   Local and Mobile SEO Best Practices:
The Intersection of Local Search and the Mobile Customer

Instructor:   John Thyfault, VP, Search Engine & Social Media Marketing, Beasley Direct and Online Marketing

Local search is different. You need to know how to play the game even if you don’t have a storefront or local office. 30% of all searches now have local intent, and if you’re not optimized you’ll lose business to smaller, but more agile competitors. The smart marketer will ensure that he gets his products in front of the searcher’s eyes by taking advantage of Google’s local search technology. This seminar will give you twenty best practices that can be used to drive relevant traffic and sales to your website, whether you are a national brand or one-location operation.

For additional information on our workshops and the Online Marketing Certification program, click here.

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