Gemma Butler

Co-founder / Director
Can Marketing Save the Planet, Ltd.

Gemma is the co-founder of Can Marketing Save the Planet Ltd and has immersed herself in the world of sustainability since co-authoring ‘Sustainable Marketing—How to Drive Profits with Purpose’, a book which saw her and her co-author go on to found the ‘Sustainable Marketer Manifesto, and create the podcast series, ‘Can Marketing Save the Planet?’ A podcast dedicated to keeping the conversation going, and educating and supporting marketers and business on taking purpose beyond products and services through sustainable marketing.

Prior to Can Marketing Save the Planet, Gemma was the Marketing Director for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, representing and informing the profession, driving the importance of professional development and educating and inspiring the next generation on the significant role marketing plays in driving a more sustainable future. While at CIM, Gemma led the development of the first regulated qualification in Sustainable Marketing placing sustainable transformation as a priority on marketing’s agenda.

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Gemma Butler
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Co-founder / Director & Author
Can Marketing Save the Planet, Ltd
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London, England, E1 7AF