AI for Digital Marketing Masterclass

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Leveraging ChatGPT and AI for Digital Marketing Success

Why Take this Course?

The new AI tools in ChatGPT, Microsoft Office, and Google, and others are the most significant changes in digital marketing since the introduction of the web.  AI tools can save time, help generate ideas, and improve productivity. This workshop is for digital marketers who are looking to learn new tools and skills to improve their efficiency and productivity.

The goal of this workshop is to help digital marketers learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools to improve their efficiency and productivity. Attendees will learn how to integrate ChatGPT and other AI tools into their digital marketing strategies, enabling them to quickly generate high-quality marketing content, such as blogs, digital ads, social media, web pages, and product descriptions, and images. Attendees will also learn how to use AI tools to come up with unique creative ideas, and new suggestions for brainstorming.

Andreas Ramos is among the first instructors in the world to teach university courses in the use of AI tools for digital marketing, and the author of more than twenty-two books on digital marketing.  Andreas also manages a Twitter List of 30+ key people in AI for marketing, including OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, Meta, and professors in marketing at Wharton, NYU, Stanford, and other universities. As new ideas appear, they’ll be added to this workshop.

(Can’t attend the live workshop? No problem. All workshops are recorded, and we’ll send you the recording, workbook, and any supplementary materials within a day of completion after we’ve had time to edit the recording.)

Workshop date and time:

The course is a one-time two-hour workshop.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT).

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT and other AI tools for digital marketing.
  • How to integrate ChatGPT and other AI tools into digital marketing strategies.
  • Comparison of various AI tools, including ChatGPT, ChatGPT Pro, Microsoft and Google AI, and additional tools.
  • How to use these tools to write (or improve your writing) for articles, blog posts, social media posts, PowerPoint slides, and outlines for articles and books.
  • Using these tools to edit or improve website content, product descriptions, product summaries, translations, and more.
  • Using AI tools’ ability to come up with unique creative ideas, and suggestions for brainstorming.
  • How to create unique photos, images, and videos for your product shots, websites, and more.
  • For SEO, writing meta-tags (TITLE and DESCRIPTION) how to edit those, and how to test them.
  • For digital ads for Google RSA: quickly create fifteen headlines and four description lines, how to check these to fit Google Ad’s character count restrictions, and how to find data to see which lines are the best ones. The results can be applied to your ads in Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.
  • Using AI tools to create dozens (or hundreds) of social media posts in seconds.
  • How to use ChatGPT to improve your LinkedIn pages for your company and yourself.
  • Additional uses of these tools to quickly produce time-consuming reference letters, and employee quarterly reviews.

Instructor: Andreas Ramos.

Certification Workshops:

DMAnc Live Online Certification Webinars

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Live Online Certification Workshop (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT)

AI for Digital Marketing Masterclass

What You’ll Learn in the Workshop
  • Introduction to ChatGPT and other AI tools for digital marketing.
  • How to integrate ChatGPT and other AI tools into digital marketing strategies.
  • Comparison of various AI tools, including ChatGPT, ChatGPT Pro, Microsoft and Google AI, and additional tools.
  • How to use these tools to write or improve your writing (including translations) for articles, blog posts, social media posts, PowerPoint slides, and outlines for articles and books.
  • Using these tools to edit or improve website content, product descriptions, product summaries, translations, and more.
  • Using AI tools’ ability to come up with unique creative ideas, and suggestions for brainstorming.
  • How to create unique photos, images, and videos for your product shots, websites, and more.
Tuesday, April 4, 2023
Live Online Certification Workshop (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM PST)

Social Media Marketing Fundamentals: Establishing a Successful Presence in a Media Saturated Market

Key takeaways: In this class you’ll learn:
  • Overview of the social media landscape in 2023 and benefits of using social media marketing.
  • A look at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn, comparisons of each platform and how to decide which platforms are best for your business.
  • Fundamentals of an effective social media strategy.
  • Creating content that resonates and appeals to your audience, including real life examples and what type of content performs best on each platform.
  • Finding relevant and top performing hashtags in your industry.
  • How to successfully grow your following using organic tactics.
  • How to develop digital media without a graphic designer or video editor.
  • How to calculate the best times and days to post for maximum reach and engagement.
  • Social listening and sentiment analysis.
  • Best practices for recycling evergreen content.
  • Free and paid tools and apps that help with managing multiple social media accounts.
  • Creating a useful content calendar and an editorial calendar to streamline the social media management process.
  • Monthly statistics and reporting that matters.
  • How social media integrates with other facets of digital marketing.
  • Eight planning checklists, workbooks, and templates to help get and keep organized.
Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Live Online Certification Workshop (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT)

Content Marketing Masterclass, a 2-Module Series: Drive traffic and conversions organically through innovative content marketing

Key takeaways:
  • Establish your content ecosystem and lay your digital footprint.
  • Create an engaging content calendar and build effective, omnichannel promotional plans.
  • Build an effective content operations model.
  • Create a robust SEO content strategy.
  • Learn to analyze and optimize your content.
  • Understand advanced content marketing techniques and the powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools at your disposal.
Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Live Online Certification Workshop (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Pacific Date Time (PDT))

Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and TikTok Advertising Masterclass, a 2-module Series

Key Takeaways
  • Setup a proper full funnel prospecting, remarketing, and retention campaign structure.
  • Learn the various targeting options from custom audiences and social engagers, to lookalikes and trending interests.
  • Funnel Strategy—How to properly setup your ad account—Upper, Middle, Lower, Retention.
  • Reporting—So many metrics, let’s focus on the metrics that move the needle!
  • How to properly test new ads and how to derive actionable insights from the various creative metrics.
  • Why user testimonial ads are outperforming all other creative formats and how to stand out using this format.
  • Creative strategy, testing and measurement techniques needed for success.
  • Creative testing process best practices.
  • Ad creative do’s and don’ts.
  • And much more.
  • Live Q&A.
Friday, April 21, 2023
Live Online Certification Workshop (12:00 PM to 2:00 PM Pacific Date Time (PDT))

Use Google Analytics 4.0 for Digital Marketing Masterclass: A Three-Module Workshop Series

The Google Analytics 4.0 course is a three-part workshop. Each part is two hours for a total of six hours. You can take the courses individually or sign up for all three for a signifcant discount. Take the course either live or recorded.
Thursday, April 27, 2023
Live Online Certification Workshop (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT)

LinkedIn Advertising Masterclass, a 2-Module Series

Quick key take-aways:
  • LinkedIn Campaign Manager overview.
  • LinkedIn ad auction need-to-knows and top tips.
  • LinkedIn campaign structure best practice with campaign demo.
  • How to create winning LinkedIn Ads.
  • LinkedIn ad formats & ad types.
  • Creative top tips.
  • How to setup your campaigns effectively.
Thursday, April 27, 2023
Live Online Certification Workshop 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM Pacific Date Time (PDT)

Digital and Advertising Copywriting Masterclass, a 3-module Series

In this three-part copywriting Masterclass, you’ll be introduced to the essential principles of copywriting for digital and advertising channels and explore the role that good copy plays in influencing behaviors and driving purchases. If you’re looking for inspiration for your email, ads, website, social posts and video scripts, you’ll come away with a greater feeling of confidence and a desire to experiment. You’ll also benefit from useful tips in writing longer web copy.
Friday, May 5, 2023
Live Online Certification Workshop (12:00 PM to 2:00 PM, PDT)

Use Google Ads for Digital Advertising, Module 1: Google Ads and Keywords

Key Takeaways:
  • We’ll cover how a Google Ads account is structured, its limits, and how to get around those limits.
  • You’ll see eight ways to find the keywords (and your competitors’ keywords) that your target audience uses.
  • We’ll show you several simple spreadsheet tips to change keywords into lower cases or translate your keywords into sixty-six languages (or more). Another tool creates permutations of your top keywords.
  • We’ll see how to test keywords to find the best ones.
  • Are the keyword projections for traffic and bids real or fake data? What can you use from that data?
  • How to sort keywords into categories for the phases of your buying cycle or purchase funnel.
  • Finally, we’ll do a walk-through of a Google Ads account.
Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Live Online Certification Workshop (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT)

Email Marketing Masterclass, Module 1: Improving your campaign results with better copy, design, and strategy

Key Takeaways:
  • The importance of email within the multichannel strategy.
  • Understanding the objective hierarchy to guide your strategy & setting SMART objectives.
  • Optimizing your email design and structure: Key design considerations to ensure your emails maximize your audience engagement.
  • How to determine the right day of the week/time of day to send your emails and how often to communicate with them.
  • Creating a thorough pre-send testing Quality Assurance (QA) process to minimize mistakes.
  • Know your metrics—analyzing your results for trends, issues and potential future opportunities.
  • Testing as a strategic issue; 5 steps to create tests that actually get results you can use (across channels!).

Latest from DMAnc

Latest from DMAnc

Latest from DMAnc


These workshops have a lot of great information and is presented in a straightforward manner. Thank you for making it possible for people to learn without having to go to college for it.

Crystal SchwartzDirector of Marketing, Pine Village

This workshop gave me an in-depth understanding of LinkedIn Profile Optimization (LPO) and how to gain thousands of view on LinkedIn for free. I am excited to use the tips and tools discussed in the workshop to improve my personal profile as well as our executive team’s pages!

Kaitlyn OlsonDigital Marketing Associate, Axios HR

This workshop provided very useful information and it allows me to develop my knowledge about Google Analytics’ tools.

Dana Fodorean-MarinovaSenior Analyst Search Engine Marketing, Digi-Key Electronics Germany GmbH

DMAnc and Beverley offered a great introduction to social media management that dove beneath the surface level to give actionable tips and training.

Zach TrumppMarketing Specialist, Heilind Electronics

The DMANC has expertly identified what the marketing community needs: in-depth training with the flexibility of a multi-day format. I can use the certificate of completion at the end to show my organization that I am committed to my ongoing development and improvement of our customer-facing emails.

Karen LoggiaDirector of Marketing, Tension Corp.

A knowledge packed two hours instructed by an expert – well worth my time to attend! The content and handouts will become a valuable resource as we navigate and build out our digital strategy for the rest of 2022 and 2023.

Jori LundgrenDigital Marketing Specialist, Ripco Credit Union

A phenomenal overview–with suitable “deeper dives”–of the major social media channels. Also, brief description of what other webinars are upcoming. Best part: informational, no “puffing up about how great we are!!” That’s really refreshing. I got what I signed up for–and more!! Thanks.

Larry HarmsAZM/Houston Saengerbund

Today’s webinar was in line with today’s digital landscape. I really felt like I gained confidence in administering topics and key concepts into my own marketing campaigns.

Ashley SatterfieldSales & Marketing Coordinator, Metro Plastics Technologies, LLC

This workshop helps to build a really solid foundational understanding of the importance of social media and actionable steps to having a strong social presence.

Arielle ChesterDigital Content Producer at ABC News

One of the best courses I have ever taken. I hope to continue my education to get certified.

James NormanUX Designer, CAS

The Google Data Studio webinar was excellent! Adam clearly communicated the step by step process to creating reports using all of the available widgets, as well as the importance of understanding your data sources and defining goals prior to developing the reports. I was surprised at all of the dimensions available and am looking forward to getting started!

Susan BernardMarketing Director, Maze Health

Great information to help understand the upcoming changes to Google Analytics.

Dina CliffordDirector of Marketing, NIC, Inc.

This presentation truly opened my eyes to all of the great advertising tricks that companies and creators utilize on a daily basis.

Mikal GeorgeContent Creator, Pair of Thieves

For not knowing much about Google Analytics, I now have the confidence to tackle this beast.

Richard MoralesDirector of Marketing and PR, Mid-Valley Hospital & Clinic

This course is great for both beginners and advanced ABM marketers. Tom clearly knows his stuff, is passionate about ABM, and I especially appreciated all of the insights into potential pitfalls and how you can set up your ABM program for success.

Susan RothSr. Director, Marketing, TierPoint, LLC

Great use of time, gave great insights and explained thoroughly in detail.

Leah TiecheMarketing Communications Specialist, Seaman Corporation

The insight I gained during this workshop is INVALUABLE. I can’t wait to start incorporating what I’ve learned into our digital / video strategies moving forward.

Kristen ModzelewskiSr. Digital Marketing Specialist, Clark-Reliance

This workshop was informative and on-point.

Kelly MinorMultimedia Design Director, Piedmont Federal Savings Bank

This is an excellence course. If you want to improve your SEO Skill. Take this course!

Pierre JenningsGraphic Designer, NCCPA

All sessions so far have been very helpful. Can’t wait for the next one!

Randy CasquejoMarine Marketing - CRM Coordinator, Yhamaha Motor, USA-M.E.S.

This workshop was incredibly helpful and filled with information I haven’t heard in other webinars and workshops.

Breanna ChanSocial Media Manager, Bishop-Wisecarver

A very helpful workshop for anyone who is ready to take their social media presence from basic to brilliant!

Tori BohnettDigital Marketing Specialist, Bay Federal Credit Union

I took so many notes despite knowing I’d get the presentation slides at the end! That’s a great sign of relevant and pertinent info.

Celinda OliveWeb Content Specialist, Esultants Web Services

Although this session was more technical in nature, the presenter delivered the information so that it was easy to follow and understand.

Randy CasquejoMarine Marketing - CRM Coordinator, Yamaha Motor USA - M.E.S.

I recommend attending learning sessions. After attending the Advanced LinkedIn Advertising training sessions, I walked away with some valuable insight on how to improve our LinkedIn campaigns that we can implement immediately.

Juliann GrantVP Marketing, Razorleaf Corporation

Good information and very informative!

McCall CampbellDirector of Sales, Hugger Mugger Yoga Products

Very pleased with today’s workshop! Received a lot of useful information and resources that will help me in my job. Can’t wait for the next one!

Randy CasquejoMarine Marketing - CRM Coordinator, Yamaha Motor USA - M.E.S.

The LinkedIn Advertising & Account-Based Marketing, Part 1: Quick Wins for Generating Leads & Sales Meetings, was one of the best two-hour investments I’ve made in a long time. It provided valuable takeaways I can use immediately.

Lee Ann AndersonDirector, Marketing: The Kleingers Group

Great thought provoking presentation that expanded on the basics. I was able to apply the content to my current challenges and took several notes for implementation on my team.

Mitzi BreauxTargeted Marketing Manager, Vitalant

Whether you are in Digital Marketing or not, if you are looking to build your LinkedIn network and impact, you need to attend Andreas Ramos’s webinar on LinkedIn Optimization. Although seasoned in social media marketing, this webinar taught me tips I never thought of, and showed me things I didn’t know existed. I am excited to bring these skills and action items back to my organization!

Samantha SullivanDirector of Digital Marketing, Harrity & Harrity

It was comprehensive. He did not talk down to the audience even though we had a variety of experiences. Made it approachable. I like that he said that no one is an expert and that you have to test, test, test.

Dana BrandorffDirector of Marketing & Communication, University of Colorado

DMA webinars never disappoint! Highly recommend the seasoned pro to the green newbie to take as many of these for continuing your education! True experts.

Becca KingerySr. Manager, Marketing Programs, Lennox International

A lot of information to digest, but Andreas guided us through the most important concepts and provided slides and documentation that are very detailed for future use.

Trudy PattersonWeb Content Specialist, ISPE

One of the best courses I have ever taken! Amazing, relevant, unique content. Worth every dollar and minute of your time!

Danielle ThorntonDigital Growth Manager, Nature’s Way

Kate did a great job going through each topic in great detail, and I left the presentation with some clear action items on how to improve my email results.

Michael MarzeottiMarketing Automation Specialist, Advisor Investments

The workshop provided valuable information, especially for the novice. The presenter was approachable and encouraged we ask questions.

Dana BrandorffDirector of Marketing & Communication, University of Colorado

Very in-depth info that gives the user a chance to dive into Google Analytics with confidence.

Kaley DeWeeseMarketing Coordinator, Image Source

The thought of shifting to Google Analytics 4 is intimidating, but this three-part course alleviated a lot of my trepidation. Mr. Ramos providing timely, relevant content, as well as thoughtful answers about what our Analytics and reporting might look like down the road.

Lisa Nielsen AgnewDigital Marketing Manager at University of Wisconsin Extended Campus

Just completed my first webinar with DMANC (Podcast Fundamentals). Was extremely pleased. Found the presenter very knowledgeable, provided a very good overview with tons of useful information-seemed to hit all the critical points (and more…). Am very much looking forward to part two for even greater detail.

Lynn BarkerDirector of Marketing, Long Island Contractors Association, LICA

Very informative and great presenter. Really enjoyed everything that was presented and will use in the future.

Katie HessVery informative and great presenter. Really enjoyed everything that was presented and will use in the future.

This workshop has a good variety of information. Several features were covered along with a downloadable PDF of the presentation and recording to reference back to. I recommend this workshop if you are looking to dive into Google Analytics.

Alison HoughtonContent Marketing Specialist, Air Academy Federal Credit Union

Andreas and his team make this workshop flow. It is direct, quick, and hits the necessary topics. It is like an insiders guide to the other side of Google Analytics.

Paul HalbrookMarketing Director, The Roof Depot, Inc.

The workshop was informative, concise, and engaging. I am glad I was able to take note of these key-takeaways and truly learn something today!

Madison ZaccardelliMarketing Coordinator, Paper Source

This workshop was helpful to see the big picture behind how and why to produce a podcast!

Bailey CarruthClient Coordinator, Adolfson & Peterson Construction

This is a great introduction to why you should be paying attention to mobile-first SEO practices.

Carrin WelchDigital Marketing Manager at Magpul Industries Corp.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Andreas’ wealth of knowledge.

Christen SakamotoMarketing Manager, Atlas Insurance Agency

I really enjoyed getting into the reporting functionality of GA4.

Brandon McBrideDigital Marketing Manager, SUSE

Excellent workshop! Very informative and in an easy-to-understand format. I would definitely recommend it if you are working in the Google AdWords space!

Tina-Marie MonterrozaDigital Marketing Manager, Topcon Positioning Systems

This is incredibly useful and detailed information that will allow us to navigate GA4.

Alison HuntDigital Marketing Manager, Carroll Community College

This social media for marketing course was VERY informative and also included a lot of information that was be used as a reference for current and future use! I would definitely recommend!

Jacinda Owens-HawkinsSocial Media Specialist, Sonterra Medical Management Group, Inc.

Very insightful, step-by-step help on Google Analytics from beginning to end.

Mitchell StewartDigital Media Specialist, Kapco, Inc.

The knowledge I gained far exceeded the cost of the workshop. I walked away with a clearer understanding of applying concepts and practices I already know in an effective way around email automation, digital personalization, and omnichannel strategy

Joseph KellyContent Lead, TE Connectivity

My organization is turning its attention to podcasting and how to make the best use of this platform for content distribution. I now feel fully informed on podcast production best practice so I can help my organization succeed.

Nancy BurnsProduct Marketing Manager, MMS, NEJM Group

Great content if you’re looking to up your SEO game!

Brad SurrattSr. Marketing & Events Manager, 3 | Share

The workshop was great! I would like to actually learn how to do SEO on our firm’s website. I have signed up for the additional classes to learn more about how to do that.

Beth HopkinsMarketing Director, Capehart Scatchard

Andreas was an exciting and engaging speaker with real mastery of the data. He got ideas to stick by using real-world examples and taught us how to actually gain insights to the data we were getting.

Bob CarpenterVP, Sales and Marketing, Modus Operandi, Inc.

Kate Barrett was such an excellent engaging presenter. Having a pleasant person to listen to makes a two hour slideshow that much more enjoyable. Helpful email marketing content, especially in terms of overall business goals and focusing on consumer’s interest. Definitely recommend!

Meagan RobbMarketing Coordinator, McBride Homes

As someone who has been in digital marketing for over 14 years, I really enjoyed this presentation on the forthcoming updates needed for websites. It was great to see all the small tips that really make a difference when it comes to designing with mobile-first in mind. I learned a lot even though I have a lot of experience!

Tina LloydVP Digital Content & Social Media, INSP, LLC

Andreas is super generous to share all his years of knowledge. This workshop is great for all levels of Google Ads users.

Paul HalbrookDirector of Marketing, The Roof Depot, Inc.

Pleasure to participate in a workshop that provides actual information I can utilize immediately!

Michele ChristianGlobal Marketing Specialist, Hutchinson Industries, Inc

Tom’s ABM presentation was excellent, thorough and to the point. Lots of good pointers and good resources to have to review at a later date. Good job!

Alain BoppartMarketing Management Professional, Uneeda

I really enjoyed the workshop on Google Ads. I feel like I learned a lot and it was really easy to absorb as the instructor did a great job explaining things in simple, understandable terms. He also did a good job of answering all of the questions that came up and talking through everything very thoroughly.

Ashley DavisMedia Manager, Wyffels Hybrids

This presentation articulated a lot of the issues I’m facing as a B2B marketer in the technology field. I knew that I wanted our messaging to be different, but couldn’t put into words exactly where our stumbling locks were. I now have the concepts needed to improve our content approach, and hopefully resonate more with customers.

Liz ClarkeTechnical Marketing Manager, Nitta Gelatin NA Inc

As the Director of Marketing for a Medical Clinic, I found this workshop to be spot on. Easy to understand and implement in my own site. Highly recommend. Great value!

Sherri GogginDirector of Marketing Athens Orthopedic Clinic and Director of Mulherin Foundation for Health &Wellness

Before, I would just create reports, not necessarily knowing what else to do with the reports, but this workshop has helped me utilize the data so that I can tweak and improve my marketing efforts and create new methods of SEO research and website improvement.

Kathryn AlmedaDigital Media Specialist at Northern Illinois Food Bank

I’ve built 30+ websites and I was amazed how much I’ve trusted developer partners to complete. Now, after just the Fundamentals course, I know what to check for and how to do the fix or request the fix. Thank you!

Teri LeVineDirector of Marketing at Fairway America

The workshop contains so much actionable information and great tools, too. I appreciate that the workshop is recorded and accessible for months after as there’s so much information presented that being able to re-watch the workshop will be helpful.

Krystal DredgeMarketing Director, AvL Technologies

Andreas is extremely knowledgeable and teaches you the ins and outs of Google Ads in 3 short classes!

Hannah Schied Title and Company Sr. Marketing & Events Manager, 3 | Share Director of Marketing, FIRC Group Assistant Marketing Manager, DHG Time Life

Probably the best 2 hours you can spend if you want to learn the in’s and out’s of Google Ads – including the different ad types, how to build them, and how to track their performance over time.

Brad SurrattSr. Marketing & Events Manager, 3 | Share

This workshop is very insightful! It brings your ideas to the next level and prepares you for execution.

Nicole HarveyAssociate Account Executive, KGB Texas Communications

Everything in this workshop was so useful and went well beyond some other Google Ads classes I’ve taken. It was a perfect mix of foundational information and key strategies/concepts to use to begin implementing a better SEM strategy. Looking forward to the intermediate and advanced courses offered.

Michele De VenutoMarketing Programs Manager, JBJS, Inc.

Andrea Ramos is an excellent instructor and educator. The Social Media Marketing course is extremely useful and full of information to apply to social marketing for our B2B company immediately. There are many tools that are available which are shared and explained – GREAT class!

Jessica MondayMarketing Communications Manager, Tournesol Siteworks

I truly enjoyed the presentation / webinar. Two hour webinars can at times be daunting but her presentation style and her energy made the webinar a breeze to participate it. Her content supported a lot of the efforts we are putting forth, while providing additional tips for ongoing improvement and processes. I look forward to considering other educational webinars with her / this group!

Jillian MaisanoManager, Marketing Communications, PDI

The insights provided during this webinar about LinkedIn strategy will greatly impact our efforts here at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital.

Andy WayneDirector of Marketing, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

Loved the practical application information vs most webinars that give you topline methodologies and you’re still left scrambling on what to do next.

Kristen TaggertVP, Channel Marketing, BrunnerWorks

Tom was terrific, left the workshop with the tools and resources to advance my ABM program!

Michelle JohnsonDigital Marketing Manager, Sphere

Really top notch tips and tricks to get the most from our google ads investment.

Marshall WhiteMarketing Director at Guaranty RV, Inc.

The Google Analytics Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced Webinar was extremely informative. It not only set the foundation for how to use GA, but also provided some actionable insights on how to pull the data to inform better marketing decisions. I now have a more comprehensive understanding of GA and will be able to implement some of the recommendations provided by Andreas.

Victoria BlairSocial Media Manager, The Jel Sert Company

The information presented was very thorough and the presenter was incredibly knowledgeable on the content. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for additional workshops or classes based on this session and will recommend others in my office do the same.

Rachel FrederickMarketing Communications Specialist, ETC

This workshop was excellent for anyone looking to improve their personal and/or company LinkedIn profile. The instructor was an expert in the field and answered all questions in real-time.

Julie RobertsonCEO JP Robertson Connected

This workshop explores the whys and the whats behind Google Analytics. If you’re feel like you’re falling behind when it comes to Google Analytics, this workshop will help.

Vanessa LaneContent Marketing Lead at Concordia University-Wisconsin

I highly recommend this course, I have average knowledge in Google Ad’s and was hesitant about purchasing the Fundamentals on top of the Intermediate and Advanced but am so happy that I did. Andreas Ramos is an expert, his knowledge and experience speak for itself, but he also gives you secrets. In today’s world, everyone is putting out webinars, they say they aren’t trying to sell you anything but they do anyway. This course is a great way to get unbiased, professional and tested information.

Leah LucasDirector of Marketing, Bownet Sports

Along with the Beginning and Intermediate SEO workshops, I found this workshop to be extremely valuable in increasing my knowledge of SEO, how it works, and how to implement it for better results.

Joanne KaufmannMarketing Strategist at Highmark Health

I think we will really be able to use many of the tips in the Improving Email Marketing Response Rates course to make quick and easy improvements in our email performance.

Pamela WaltersSenior Marketing Manager at Magellan Health

I took both the Podcast Fundamentals and Advanced podcasting, both include everything you need to know about launching and running a successful podcast.

Valerie KellyCommunications Coordinator, Catalyst Family, Inc.

I’ve taken fundamentals, intermediate and advanced analytics training and I feel confident that I understand our data.

Linne BuffingtonMarketing Administrator, ClearBalance

I found the Google Analytics three-part series to be very useful and relevant to my marketing role. The information was clear, concise, and easy to understand.

Valerie MannMarketing & Communications Coordinator, American Society of Anesthesiologists

Andreas is such a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. His tips are like GOLD!

Leslie BryantDirector of Brand, Digital Marketing & Communications, Code Corporation

Today’s workshop was timely, relevant and clearly explained with some actionable go-forward steps. Having access to the presentation ahead of the call is also effective for implementation post-workshop.

Jocelyn QuallDirector of Marketing, ABODA by RESIDE

Very knowledgeable presenters. Clear and well prepared structure.

Allison FingerhuthGlobal Director C&M Business Group Strategy, XL Catlin

Very relevant and timely, presented in easy to understand fashion.

Steve McConnellVP Marketing at Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Inc.

This was great, answered 99% of my Google questions in an efficient 2 hour format.

Steve NewmanPresident, Founder and CEO at

Slides were very detailed and informative.

Rolando RodriguezMarketing Manager - Fremont Bank

Lots of excellent data. Great actionable information tools and guidelines.

Robert CallaghanEnterprise and Cloud Solutions Marketing - Sandisk

Great technical info – very usable! Thanks!

Rachel ArtzVine Connections, now at Global Business Marketing (Facebook)

This workshop was perfect for me – just the right amount of information at the right level. I will take it back to the company and find out how we analyze and make some suggestions where necessary.

Lynn OrlandoSenior Manager, Marketing - Western Digital Corporation

Discussed strategy and practical tips.

Diana LaPointVP/Marketing Manager - First Northern Bank

Smart use of language that lined up with the presentation.

Thomas KeadyMarketing Associate at RSM US LLP

Great preso!

Maeve NaughtonPartner (VAR, ISV) Marketing - Intacct

This workshop is a great idea and great job pulling together.

Gina VarelaSenior Global Campaign Manager, Enterprise Marketing - Veritas Technologies LLC

Comprehensive coverage of available tools. Examples and best practices of different tactics.

Thea CopelandDirector of Marketing at Buckles-Smith Electric

Love all the case studies shared from the panelists.

Nancy OzawaSenior Vice President, Marketing at PCBB (Pacific Coast Bankers’ Bank)

My favorite presentation. You kept it REAL. Honesty is why I came here. I didn’t want a vendor pitch. I came here for subject matter expertise.

Felipe CaldeiraMPH - Senior Manager, Strategic Development at Practice Fusion

Insightful & timely actionable information I can take to the bank – great use case examples and fresh perspective on ABM.

Rocco SantoroGrowth Architect, Business Catalys, Ecosystem Developer, Advisor - GISTICS Incorporated

Provided a great start to the presentation that was though out and beneficial.

Thomas KeadyMarketing Associate at RSM US LLP

The content and information of the presentation was awesome and the instructor clearly and effectively communicated the teaching, It would be great if the actual presentations slides had less words and were a bit more designed and polished to help visually assist the concepts and learnings.

Heather SuburuSr. Marketing & Communications Manager - Contiki Holidays

DMA always provides great speakers on timely topics.

Dana TehraniSenior Marketing and Communications Leader, Stanford Federal Credit Union

John clearly knows his area of expertise. A very broad topic with many layers is hard to convey in a brief timeframe, and he was quite effective in doing so.

Ken BerryPresident - Pro Horizons

Excellent subject matter and panel. Keep them coming.

Patty ColemanSenior Graphic Designer, ReMark Group

Excellent overview , this made my time worthwhile today!

Diane RamesLaw Office Administrator, Gwilliam Ivary Chiosso Cavalli & Brewer

Important updates and discussion on critical B2B lead generating efforts.

Ernest KhirallahVice President Marketing & Corporate Communications, Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc.

A great collection of information that I [will] begin to implement immediately into my direct marketing strategies.

Elizabeth InpynFounder, INPYN Nutrition & Consulting

Well prepared presentations w/real world examples and speakers.

Steve BorgDirect Marketing Specialist, BorgDirect Marketing

I found the material relevant, timely & current. This is info that you can’t get anywhere else. Audience participation makes the day.

Karla HaleyMarketo & Consultant

Great presentation informing about a marketing strategy tactic that I wasn’t very familiar with. Will be considering in our mix for the future.

Judy FriedmanVice President, Strategic Client Communications and Engagement Consultant, WellsTrade Online Brokerage

Yes! Every time I attend a DMA luncheon, I walk away pleased w/the investment of my time. It is always worthwhile for me to carve out the time.

Carrie BeamOwner and Principal, Carrie Beam Consulting

Very valuable info that can apply across verticles.

Kate CoghlanMarketing Professional and Health & Wellness Enthusiast, Transiris Corporation

Really liked the forum – panel discussion. Great, knowledgable speakers, work well together.

Kathy SchmidtStrategic Initiatives, SAP SuccessFactors

Just a bunch of great insights & tips.

Whit MagorBusiness Solutions Representative, KP LLC

Really liked the various backgrounds of the speakers & different perspectives they brought!

Kim JohnsonEVP, Managing Director, HERO Marketing & Advertising

Very well run, comfortable setting to ask questions in & I appreciate the different perspectives of the panelists.

Lindsey O’BrienAccount Manager, Gunderson Direct, Inc.

Incredible presentation! Engaging and insightful until the very end!

Adelaide HillAssociate Product Marketing Manager at Infoblox

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon – eating a delicious lunch and learning about valuable marketing topics.

Chris OtchyCopy Writer, Content Strategist and Internet Marketing Professional, Willis Towers Watson’s OneExchange

Marketing changes so quickly with new technologies & approaches. DMA helps me keep up!

Dana TehraniSenior Marketing and Communications Leader, Stanford Federal Credit Union

Detailed, in-depth information across social platforms that you can’t find elsewhere.

Jeannine VaughanMarketing Leadership, Vaughan & Company

The depth of information was quite good and I particularly found helpful the focus on applicable marketing use cases.

Jeff HorningAccount Executive at Business Wire

Real-world true-life tales from the frontline of B2B marketing.

Rajesh KrishnanB2B Marketer Building Engines for Growth, Synack, Inc.

My favorite presentation. You kept it REAL. Honesty is why I came here. I didn’t want a vendor pitch. I came here for subject matter expertise.

Felipe CaldeiraSenior Manager, Strategic Development, Practice Fusion

A lot of info, mostly new to me but very educational. Will look for ways to implement what we learned into practice.

Kyoko RamirezMarketing, Hitachi High Technologies America

Very informative & entertaining. Learned a lot in two hours.

Karen OlsonVice President of Marketing, CalChamber

Excellent presentation about a very interesting business topic.

Michelle WaltersDigital Marketing Strategist & Customer Success Manager, Marvel Marketers

DMAnc continues to provide helpful, in-depth training that is applicable, relevant, and expert driven.

Alicia GaravagliaHead of Marketing

This workshop gave a great overview of the insight that Google Analytics can provide. Though I have been using Google Analytics for years this course still provided new ways of thinking and reporting that I will be applying when analyzing my company’s website.

Barret GuildDigital Marketing Specialist

Great guidance for targeting audience and making advertising more of a conversation.

Ellen IsraelsonCMO, Jewish Communal Fund

Nice group of very knowledgeable and quality speakers, well done!

Steve BorgFounder, Borg Direct Marketing

Expert insights from industry experts is so invaluable.

Mike IzoSenior Account Manager, Gunderson Direct

A nice blend of insights and strategies from the agency and consumer side of marketing.

James MadisonAccount Manager, Gunderson Direct

Always informative and a great way to connect with fellow colleagues!

Stacy DenneySVP Strategy and New Business Development, Anderson Direct and Digital

I’ve always valued the learnings at the DMAnc events.

Lyn RundellFounder and CEO, HERO Marketing

Insights from the MetroMile representative were particularly interesting and valuable.

David RoweVP Media Director, Doremus and Company

Valuable takeaways!

Lynda KolbergSenior Account Manager, Decca Design

The luncheon was very well organized and the attendees/team behind DMAnc were welcoming.

Nelson BorgesJr. Client Strategy Manager, HERO Marketing

Presenters were knowledgeable and presented the topic well. I like that it was given adequate time to dig into the topic and didn’t skim over the subject just to fit it into an hour. It was also helpful that the slides had actual content, and not a bunch of stock images, so they’re useful to download and reference after the presentation.

Collette ChleboveMarketing Services Manager, Follett LLC

It (the workshop) provided a lot of usable information that can be applied to our business.

Julie FlannDigital Marketing Director, Nordic Ware

You answered the questions we had going into the webinar.

Matt WernerMarketing Manager, The Bradbury Co, Inc.

Very insightful, cutting edge.

Matt MillerVP of Operations, Original Stitch

Very timely topic.

Brad PollardVP of Business Development, US Direct

Loved the venue. Good length. Great diversity of panel.

Ashley DennyGlobal Senior Director Ecommerce Marketing, Gap

This panel discussion was valuable from varied perspectives that I can use in my discussions with digital programs.

Sherene KellySVP Sales & Marketing, Donor Base

Nuggets of knowledge were presented that are extremely actionable.

Philip JohnsonManager/Director, Mayvenn

Great discussion regarding use of Addressable Media Marketing and how to measure incremental lift from different channels.

Jennie MartzloffPrincipal, Martzloff Advisors

Lively topics; relevant and great panel discussion.

Steve BorgFounder, Borg Direct Marketing

Great presentation on innovative concepts I can discuss with clients.

Kent JohnsonSenior Business Consultant-Healthcare, Cliff Consulting

Lots of knowledgeable people in the direct & digital marketing industry!

Jillene MaGrowth Analyst, Upstart

The DMAnc was able to give me insight into a topic I otherwise would not have.

Alex Van WagnerClient Strategy Director, HERO Marketing

Transparent panel from real panelists. Very informative, well done!

Mike IzoAccount Manager, Gunderson Direct

This was a great intro to SEO. I look forward to taking the next two classes so I can be more educated on this important marketing resource.

Sky CaprioloStrategic Marketing Manager, Motivation Excellence
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