Joshua Morris

Brand Social Media Strategist

Joshua Morris is a brand social media strategist specializing in short form content most notably on TikTok. He came into social media first working for the promotional marketing team at ‘The Book of Mormon’ musical, however due to the devastating effects of the pandemic on London’s famous West End theatre scene he went out on his own and rapidly grew his own social media status as the world downloaded TikTok on mass. Having already worked on occasion with the social media team at Rubik’s he joined permanently to mirror his success on their branded page which within only a year had flourished to over 200 thousand subscribers, and which has since doubled. You can find him on TikTok as Joshua³ (@joshua_cubed).

As an influencer Joshua thrives by selling content and screen time to his 2 Million+ followers which puts him in close contact with new brands on a regular basis. Content strategy and production includes brands such as: ACER, Red Bull, Microids, Smyths and SpinMaster games, but having worked directly for TikTok on two separate campaigns, gives Joshua that extra insight into a famously vague company.

A first-class BA in acting from a UK drama school set the stage to teach at the renowned ‘British Film Institute’ for which he has taught several courses predominantly on social media. Points raised at his most recent lectures at the Universities of East London and Durham have materialized in a sudden boost in content production, as like many colleges, they recognize a way to connect with their target market.

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Joshua Morris
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Brand Social Media Strategist & TikTok Influencer
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