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View our free 30-minute recorded webinar with Kineta Kelsall, a global trainer and social strategist, unveiling secrets to creative success on social media. Kineta will guide you through practical steps using data from analytics, CRM, and search to build intent-driven social creativity, connecting with audiences on a deeper level. Explore the power of personalized campaigns to elevate creative performance and gain insights into AI’s transformative role in enhancing creative processes. This isn’t just theory; it’s a webinar packed with real-world case studies and actionable takeaways for immediate implementation. Elevate your marketing game—don’t miss out!

Kineta Kelsall leaning on desk, smiling for camera.

Kineta Kelsall, Course Instructor, Global Trainer, and Social Strategist

Key takeaways

  1. Understand the power of cross-channel data in shaping social creative marketing strategies.
  2. Explore how highly personalized campaigns impact audience engagement and overall performance.
  3. Discover the potential of AI in enhancing creativity while recognizing its associated pitfalls.
  4. Identify global case studies showcasing the triumphs of data-driven creativity.

Speaker: Kineta Kelsall is an experienced social media marketer and course instructor. She is a trainer for DMAnc.org social media courses. She has delivered global training and consultancy services for Google and Meta, where she obtained certifications in media buying, media planning, and lead training. Additionally, she actively contributes to the industry through press, TV, radio, and speaking engagements, as well as mentoring and volunteering in the education sector.