Marketing’s Role in Driving a More Sustainable Future

Marketing is often seen as the growth engine within organizations, however growth at any cost is unsustainable. You cannot have infinite economic growth on a finite planet. And, it’s fair to say that marketing has played a key role in getting us to where we are today in terms of the environmental and societal challenges we face. Marketers have shaped our brainprint and created behaviors which have led to overconsumption (fuelling increased production and use of resources), and unmanageable levels of waste.

However, marketing is also well placed to be part of the solution. As stated in our book, Sustainable Marketing, How to Drive Profits with Purpose, we believe “There’s no one better placed to effect change, align with and influence customers and drive hope for a better, more sustainable future, than an ‘educated and aware responsible marketer.” Marketers have the biggest, most important, and some could argue, exciting role of their lives ahead. In this webinar, we’ll explore marketing’s role in driving a more sustainable future and how marketers can use their skillsets and powers for good.

Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of how the operating environment has changed:
    • The challenges and opportunities.
  • Where to start in your sustainable marketing journey:
    • What marketers need to be aware of.
    • Why education and awareness is key.
  • Why our role as marketers is so important.
  • The need to get a little uncomfortable—putting people and planet over economic growth at any cost.

Gemma Butler
Co-founder / Director
Can Marketing Save the Planet, Ltd.

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