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Account Based Marketing (ABM) has hit the maturity stage in SMB firms. Surveys show that 71% of SMBs have a basic version of ABM in place, and another 13% plan to act. Now, marketers at SMBs are trying to fix or improve their programs to gain the CEO and Board’s approval and to keep funding. The unfortunate reality is that many firms are not achieving their ABM sales pipeline goals and are over budget, while only a minority are achieving great ROI. Now, senior management is signaling concern and seeking better results and proof.

From our perspective, ABM can be refined to deliver positive ROI in most small/medium firms. This workshop views ABM through the eyes of small and mid-size companies, which must contribute to the sales pipeline and prove ROI on a limited budget. We’ll assess ABM processes and what SMB marketers are doing right and wrong. We’ll introduce a metrics-based approach to evaluate ABM tactics and costs in light of payback timelines, the way CEOs and investors do. We’ll also discuss where to use Generative AI, lead quality, the most common failure points, and course corrections to boost ABM performance.

(Can’t attend the live workshop? No problem. This workshop is recorded, and we’ll send you the recording, workbook, and supplementary materials within a day of completion after we’ve had time to edit the recording.)


Join us on June 27th as we focus this workshop on the core marketing elements necessary to plan and execute a new or revised ABM program in the SMB world on a budget. We will present ways to make your program a high performer.

We’ll cover the rapidly changing ABM landscape and what’s needed to optimize each stage in the funnel.

Key topics covered in the workshop:

  • Reasons why CEOs say ABM underperforms… and what to do.
  • Where and how you can leverage AI to boost program performance.
  • ABM steps for SMB marketers to crawl, walk, run…
  • How to align your ABM program with your changing buyer journey.
  • ABM target account selection strategies and contact data-building sources.
  • Refining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Personas.
  • New ABM go-to-market strategies for lead gen and pipeline building:
    • Lead quality vs. quantity in ABM and why it matters.
  • Fixing low prospect engagement rates to improve funnel conversion rates:
    • Messaging, high-value offers, content.
    • Leveraging AI/Chat GPT and intent data.
    • Secrets to Omni-Channel orchestration to boost engagement.
  • Lead-to-sales funnel conversion metrics—what you can expect.
  • Executive dashboard KPIs that matter to the CMO and CEO.
  • What level of Martech stack can SMBs afford? What’s good & bad.

This session is packed with tips to accomplish your ABM goals while staying on a tight budget.

Key Takeaways:

  • For new ABM programs—Learn what’s needed to get going.
  • For existing ABM programs—
    • Gain new checklists to assess your ABM strategies and tactics.
    • Learn insights to protect and improve your ABM program.
  • Find out what’s working/not working for other companies like yours.
  • Learn where generative AI can and cannot help.
  • Find out the Executive “Buy-In” hot buttons.

How to Convince Your Boss Why You Should Take this Class:

Account based marketing (ABM) in small and mid-sized firms can fuel corporate growth by maximizing revenues in target accounts.  However, many firms are not sure how their programs stack up to the industry. That knowledge gap can hurt a company if the C-Suite does not see a good ROI or positive metrics.

  • Cost Effectiveness: The knowledge you’ll gain from this workshop will reduce the chances of making costly errors.
  • Up Your Skill Set: This course will give you the skills to confidently and independently assess and make revisions to your ABM program and its impact on the sales pipeline.
  • Solve the “Frankenstack” Problem: Learn how to simplify and question or eliminate unneeded Martech stack based on the stage you are at.

The Presentations:

  • The workshops are hands-on and practical.
  • The workshops are live so you can ask your questions.
  • If the course doesn’t fit in your calendar, don’t worry. All DMAnc.org workshops are recorded.
  • Step-by-step instructions in numbered lists with links so you can do this yourself.
  • Included are lots of illustrations and examples.

Download Material:

  • ABM use case.
  • Checklists for:
    • ABM Campaign planning.
    • Data/lists specifications.
  • Worksheets for:
    • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
    • Lead requirements calculator.
  • Lists of Do’s and Don’ts.

Who is the course for?

This workshop is for professionals at the following levels:

  • ABM program managers.
  • Sales and/or marketing management at all levels.
  • Sales and/or marketing operations.
  • Demand generation campaign planners.
  • SDR managers.
  • Channel managers.

The Presenter:

Tom Judge

Direct Marketing Partners (DMP)
DMP is a global demand generation and sales pipeline development company helping B2B firms diagnose, fix and accelerate their lead-to-sales funnels.

Tom heads up the strategy and consulting unit and has optimized the sales funnels for over 200 firms. He has taught workshops and presented at DMA conferences and other industry events addressing a variety of lead-to-sales funnel challenges. He has been recognized as an industry leader on the subject by the Sales Lead Management Association.

This course is great for both beginners and advanced ABM marketers. Tom clearly knows his stuff, is passionate about ABM, and I especially appreciated all of the insights into potential pitfalls and how you can set up your ABM program for success.

Susan RothSr. Director, Marketing, TierPoint, LLC

Helpful information that let us know if our ABM efforts so far were on track! Good advice for working across sales and marketing pipelines to better the business overall.

Aubrey KlostermanMarketing Communications Supervisor, Reynolds and Reynolds

Tom was terrific, left the workshop with the tools and resources to advance my ABM program!

Michelle JohnsonDigital Marketing Manager, Sphere

Loved the practical application information vs most webinars that give you topline methodologies and you’re still left scrambling on what to do next.

Kristen TaggertVP, Channel Marketing, BrunnerWorks

Tom’s ABM presentation was excellent, thorough and to the point. Lots of good pointers and good resources to have to review at a later date. Good job!

Alain BoppartMarketing Management Professional, Uneeda

Workshop dates and times:


ABM for Small & Mid-Size Firms Masterclass: Steps to Achieve High-Performance ABM, 1 module course.
Thursday, Oct 17, 2024
from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PDT.

ABM for Small & Mid-Size Firms Masterclass, 1 module course
Live Online, 15227 Perry Lane,Morgan Hill,California-95037
Starting on
June 27, 2024
Ending on
June 27, 2024
This workshop takes a pragmatic view of ABM through the eyes of small and mid-size companies which must contribute to the sales pipeline and prove ROI. We’ll look at the processes and tactical options firms are using or considering, and what some SMBs are doing right and wrong. We’ll introduce a new way to look at ABM tactics and costs in light of their payback timelines the way CEOs and investors do. We’ll also discuss course corrections to make your program a high performer.
Offer Price
USD 225