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A PR and Marketing professional for over 30 years, Susan Finch gives you control of your marketing plan AND translates geekspeak into plain English. Over the past seven years, she’s been producing podcasts for various B2B companies including VanillaSoft, Altify,, ConnectAndSell, Siemens, and more. Currently, she’s producing nine weekly shows and another six that are twice or once a month. Start to finish, she guides her podcast hosts and teams into creating successful shows. She’ll create a customized marketing plan that includes a thorough use of your great content using video, voiceover audio, strategic alliances, and client advocacy. Susan offers clients assistance by creating training materials, libraries to allow them to delegate in-house, or take the reins themselves. Susan brings a new perspective to the knowledge you have and may take for granted. Everything she does involves one or more of these elements: Create, Teach, Inspire, Advocate. Her clients know they’ll have to do some work, but they will all admit they are grateful for the knowledge and control they gain. Many still choose to have her do EVERYTHING, but some only come back quarterly for tune-ups and have her review their sites monthly to keep them running smoothly.  Her speaking events include training sessions, inspirational talks, workshops and more.

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Founder & Podcaster
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