Date: One-on-One Two 2-hour Sessions Individually Scheduled Live Online Certification Workshop

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Course Description:

For those that have completed the B2B Marketing Strategy Development Workshop, this is as a one-on-one follow up with the instructor, structured as two 2-hour video conference consultation sessions.

The focus will be to review an individual company’s templates completed from the first B2B Marketing Strategy Development workshop and then give feedback with the purpose of flushing out further the development of the marketing strategy. The participant will need to choose one product/business line to focus on.   As a prerequisite to doing these one-on-one sessions, the participant will have completed as many of the templates listed below as possible and practical before scheduling the meetings with the instructor.  The instructor and the participant will review the completed templates together, and the instructor will challenge/ask more questions to make sure the answers truly addressed the questions.  This will give the advantage of an outside peer review vetting the process before socializing documents within your company.

A majority of the following templates should be completed prior to scheduling the one-on-one meetings with the instructor.  Then they will be reviewed, discussed and evaluated in the live discussions.

  • Business purpose worksheet
  • Target market analysis worksheet
  • Brand gap worksheet
  • Core competency worksheet
  • Thought leadership worksheet
  • Competitive analysis capabilities worksheet
  • SWOT worksheet
  • Strengths worksheet
  • Weaknesses worksheet
  • Opportunities worksheet
  • Threats worksheet
  • Impact messaging worksheet
  • Connecting pain to value worksheet
  • Thought leadership campaign worksheet
  • Product strategy UVP worksheet
  • Product strategy Weaknesses worksheet
  • Product strategy Opportunities worksheet
  • Product strategy Threats worksheet
  • Product strategy Market Trends worksheet
  • Marcoms strategy Lead-Gen worksheet
  • Marcoms strategy ABM worksheet
  • Strategic alliances strategy worksheet
  • Industry press strategy worksheet
  • Macro Market trends worksheet
  • Micro Market Trends worksheet
  • Sales enablement worksheet
  • Executive outreach prep questions check list: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Marcoms strategy Executive outreach worksheet

Some participants may choose not to complete some of the templates above due to marketplace variances, and we understand. We expect the participant to complete as many as possible and practical for their business and industry situation.  The one-on-one sessions must be scheduled within two months of having taken their B2B Marketing Strategy Development workshop.

Who will benefit from this one-on-one session

Participants from Module 1 who completed a majority of the templates listed above and who want an expert outside opinion and perspective on them before circulating them in the company or proceeding with the strategy into the marketplace. These will be business and marketing leaders who will be creating, contributing and supporting the development and execution of a marketing strategy and plan that will be a key input into the organization’s overall strategic business growth plan.

Instructor: Michael Hornby

Special offer from our sponsor MountainTop Data: Workshop attendees will receive $1,000 in free B2B data credits for attending.


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If you are not eating your competitor’s lunch, they are probably eating yours. You either need to be hunting or you will be hunted. By putting an impactful and effective Marketing Strategy in place that supports your business strategy, you will drive your business’s top line growth and improve your market position as a leader with your target market. This workshop is focused around building a foundation and key modules of an effective Marketing Strategy to do just that.
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