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Why Take this Course?

The new AI tools, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing Chat, Google’s AI, and others, mark the greatest shift in digital marketing since the beginning of the web. These tools help you to work better, spark creativity, and increase productivity.

Our three-session workshop series gives digital marketers the knowledge and skills to use these AI tools, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity in their marketing. This course takes a practical, hands-on approach, emphasizing applicable tools and techniques.

The workshop begins by establishing a thorough understanding of AI prompts and how to craft them. We apply these prompts to quickly generate high-quality text and images for a variety of marketing content, including blogs, web pages, product descriptions, digital ads, images, illustrations, social media posts, videos, articles, and more. AI is also useful for brainstorming new ideas. 

The key AI tools such as ChatGPT, Microsoft Chat, Microsoft Copilot, Google Bard, Jasper, and others will also be reviewed. 

Each participant receives the workshop’s recorded video for review. All presented slides, containing prompts and results, are also supplied. 

Andreas Ramos is among the first instructors in the world to teach university-level courses in AI for digital marketing and is the author of more than twenty-two books on digital marketing.

Questions are encouraged! Ask your questions and we will answer, either during the presentation or by email.

(Can’t attend a live class? No problem. This masterclass series is recorded, and we’ll send you the recording, workbook, and any supplementary materials within a day of completion after we’ve had time to edit the recording.)

Note: AI tools are evolving rapidly. We may change the order of items to update for the latest tools and ideas.

Workshop dates and times:

Module 1: Mastering Prompts—Understand how to Write Prompts and Use Prompts for Social Media, Images, and Video.

Module 2: How to Use AI to Create Blogs, Web Pages, Email Campaigns, Product Descriptions, Competitive Analysis & More.

Module 3: Using AI for SEO and Digital Ads. Compare the Major AI Platforms.
Friday, September 29, 2023 (12:00 pm to 2:00 pm PDT).

Module 1: Mastering Prompts—Understand how to Write Prompts and Use Prompts for Social Media, Images, and Video.

Special Pricing: regularly $900 now 45% off—$495. Enroll here.


The first session dives deep into AI prompts. Using clear examples and language, we see how to use prompts to improve results from an AI. You define the persona, set the target audience, tone, and format, and then ask the AI to create the content, including the call-to-action (CTA). We’ll explore AI’s ability in generating various formats, such as summaries, tables, bullet lists, numbered lists, and more, plus how to use AI to turn these into HTML, which lets you create a web page with lists or tables in under a minute.

With your knowledge of prompts, you can generate hundreds of social media posts for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter within seconds. We offer a handy spreadsheet tool to ensure your posts are within character limits so you can upload your work to social media management tools for scheduling, and turning days of work into minutes.

Beyond text, we look at how AI generates photos, images, illustrations, product shots for your web pages, and more. You can significantly reduce the time and costs of illustrations.

You can also create scripts for engaging videos, customized to your target audience. Create videos for product demos and training with an array of faces, voices, and languages. We’ll discuss the current state of copyright issues in AI-generated images.

Key Takeaways:

  • Master the use of prompts in AI tools and how to use them for setting personas, defining the audience, leveraging call-to-action (CTA), using features like Regenerate for optimal output, and more.
  • You can use AI to produce text in many formats, including text, summaries, analysis, suggestions for improvement, bullet lists, numbered lists, markdown (tables), HTML, and code. You’ll see how to create a bullet list or a table for a web page in less than a minute.
  • You can use AI to create hundreds of social media posts in seconds. This works for Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Use our character limit tool to check your posts. If a post goes over the limit, the cell is highlighted in red so you can fix it. You can add date and time to the posts and use a social media management tool to upload your social media posts. Days of tedious work can be done in minutes.
  • We’ll show you how to use AI to create photos, images, illustrations, and videos for your product shots, web pages, and more. This includes examples of people, products, interiors, and prototype designs. This includes a list of the top tools for creating AI images. Your costs can be vastly reduced for stock photography, photographers, and photo studios. You’ll see how to get prompts that created images so you can copy, edit, and make your own.
  • You can also use AI to create videos with scripts, dozens of characters, voices, and languages for product demos, training, and more.
  • We also cover the current state of copyright issues for AI-generated images.
  • Gain practical knowledge with examples including prompts for you to copy, modify, and apply to your work.

Module 2: How to Use AI to Create Blogs, Web Pages, Email Campaigns, Product Descriptions, Competitive Analysis & More.

Special Pricing: regularly $900 now 45% off—$495. Enroll here.


The second module continues with using AI for your marketing work. This covers items such as blogs, emails, newsletters, web page copy, event promotion, and press releases. You can create product descriptions, summaries, and photo captions. Additional items include books, eBooks, customer reviews, market analysis, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to leverage AI to create first drafts for a variety of content: blog posts, email newsletters, books, eBooks, product descriptions, captions, use cases, press releases, and more.
  • Discover how to transform hundreds of customer feedback and reviews into an organized table within minutes, sorted by categories, including representative quotes and sentiment analysis.
  • AI can also be used for marketing management, such as conference preparation, summarizing meeting notes, and performing marketing research and analysis.
  • Draft a few bullet points and watch as AI converts them into a comprehensive 20-page PowerPoint presentation.
  • Harness AI for in-depth analysis and summarization of your market and competitors.
  • Create summaries of marketing books, articles, and pdfs.
  • Use AI to write business marketing plans.
  • Translate content to and from over 50 languages using AI.
  • Let AI analyze complex spreadsheets and financial documents for easier comprehension.
  • With each example, get ready-to-use prompts that you can copy, edit, and utilize for your work.

Module 3: Using AI for SEO and Digital Ads. Compare the Major AI Platforms.

Special Pricing: regularly $900 now 45% off—$495. Enroll here.


In our third session, we delve into the role of AI in SEO and digital advertising. The arrival of AI within search engine results marks the greatest shift in SEO since the beginning of the web.

We explore a prototype of the coming Google Search, examining its AI-powered responses and implications that will revolutionize organic links and SEO strategies. The impact of AI on digital advertising is another focal point, with a look at Google’s ad placement around AI-generated answers and swift ad composition. We focus on Google Ads, which also applies to writing digital ads for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Twitter, and other sites. This includes suggestions on how to do SEO and ads for the new Google.

Finally, we review and compare the major AI platforms, including ChatGPT, ChatGPT Pro, Microsoft Chat, Google Bard, Anthropic Claude, and other tools. We’ll see what is unique in each tool and compare them. We also look at the upcoming AI tools in Microsoft Copilot and Google Suite. Every slide includes explanations and examples that you can copy and use.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the major shift in search engines and SEO with the upcoming Search Generative Experience (SGE) from Google. We provide a preview of the prototype and its implications.
  • Learn how AI utilizes datasets for text generation and keyword management.
  • Master AI-generated meta-tags (TITLE and DESCRIPTION), editing techniques, and character limit checks with our included spreadsheet.
  • What does Google say about AI-generated content?
  • We suggest strategies for SEO optimization in alignment with the new Google search.
  • Google Ads has been quietly implementing AI for the last few years through Responsive Search Ads (RSA). You’ll see how to use AI to generate tailored headlines and descriptions, customized to your audience. Our spreadsheet tool lets you see if the ads fit within Google’s character count restrictions.
  • In closing, we review and compare the current major AI tools: ChatGPT-3.5, ChatGPT-4, Microsoft Chat, Google Bard, Anthropic Claude, Jasper, and more. We also peek into upcoming AI tools in Microsoft Office 365 Copilot and Google Suite.
  • Every example includes a prompt that you can copy, edit, and use for your work.

How to Convince Your Boss Why You Should Take this Class:

  • Empower your team with the latest AI tools in digital marketing, enabling them to work smarter, faster, and more effectively. With this course, they’ll grasp the transformative power of AI and learn to harness it for their everyday tasks, driving productivity and results to new heights. Ensure your marketing strategy stays at the forefront of innovation. Invest in your team’s knowledge and capability today, sign up for our AI in Digital Marketing course now.
  • The advent of AI in digital marketing marks a seismic shift comparable to the inception of the web in 1993 or the iPhone launch in 2007. With our course, you can ride the wave of this transformation, enhancing your skills and output significantly. Learn to use AI tools to accomplish more in less time, increase quality, and reduce costs. Don’t let this game-changing moment in digital marketing pass you by. Pitch the idea to your manager and join our course now – shape your future and become an indispensable asset in the era of AI-driven marketing!

The Presentations:

  • The masterclasses are hands-on and practical.
  • The masterclasses are live so that you can ask your questions.
  • These masterclasses are recorded. If these courses don’t fit in your calendar, you can take the course as a recorded class.
  • Step-by-step instructions in numbered lists with the links so you can do this yourself.
  • Included are lots of illustrations and examples.

Download Material:

  • An exclusive spreadsheet will be provided that has dedicated worksheets for SEO, digital ads, and social media.
  • A Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) PDF will be provided which describes upcoming changes to Google. A Google Quality Rater Manual (PDF) will be provided which shows how Google evaluates and selects web pages.
  • Supplemental Slides: Links to Google’s SGE video and articles from OpenAI ChatGPT, Microsoft, Meta, Google, Nvidia, plus additional articles and books on AI.
  • Top Questions and Answers: Compilation of questions and answers from previous AI class sessions will be provided.

Who is the course for?

Marketing managers, digital marketers, social media managers, public relations managers, content managers, content authors, editors, copy editors, and writers.

The Presenter:

Andreas Ramos

Vice President, Digital Marketing
Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc.

Andreas Ramos head shot

Andreas Ramos has been using AI tools for his work as CMO of a startup. He is also among the first professors in the world to teach university courses in the use of AI tools for digital marketing.

Andreas also manages a Twitter List of 30+ key people in AI for marketing, including OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, Meta, and professors in marketing at Wharton, NYU, Stanford, and other universities.

He has 25+ years of professional experience in digital marketing for startups, companies, and global enterprises. He was the head of Global SEO at Cisco, where he worked with 44 languages in 85 countries, and the director of the digital agency at Acxiom. He is the author of 22+ books on SEO and digital marketing, including one of the first books on how to build HTML websites. His book on SEO was published in three languages by McGraw-Hill. You’ll learn hands-on from one of the leading experts in digital marketing in Silicon Valley.


  • Mastering LinkedIn for Professional Lead Generation (2019). Over 15,000 people have read the LinkedIn book. It shows B2B bizdev how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find leads and build connections. Sales Navigator is a powerful tool with advanced filters that let you search millions of members to find the right ones for your business. You then use Sales Nav to learn about your leads, watch their activity, contact them, and develop business connections with them. Available at Amazon.
  • Google Analytics 4.0: Install, Configure, Use GA4 (July 2021). Google Analytics has been updated from Google Analytics 3.0 (GA3) to Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4). It’s not an upgrade or update. Google Analytics 4.0 is substantially different in how it works and how you use it. Available on Amazon.
  • Ad Fraud (September 2020). How to change the settings in Google Ads so you don’t lose money. Available at Amazon.
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization (November 2019). Just as Google has an algorithm to rank pages and show the best ones at the top, LinkedIn also has an algorithm to rank profiles and show the best ones at the top. This eBook shows you how to improve your LinkedIn profile so you show up. If there’s SEO (search engine optimization) for Google, then there’s LPO (LinkedIn Profile optimization) for LinkedIn.  Available at Amazon.
  • Startup. (January 2017). #1 Amazon Best Seller in two categories. How to build a Silicon Valley startup. Interviews with twenty-six founders, angels, and VCs. Available at Amazon.
  • Technical editor of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt (IBM Press, 3rd edition, December 2014), the authoritative book on enterprise SEO for global companies.
  • The ASO Book (October 2014). App Store Optimization (ASO). Available at Amazon.
  • #TwitterBook (September, 2014). #1 Amazon Best Seller in three categories. How to use Twitter. ISBN 978-0-9893600-4-3 USA. Available at Amazon.
  • How to Write a Book! (August 2014). #1 Amazon Best Seller in two categories. How to write books to improve your career. Step-by-step, hands-on process for researching, outlining, drafts, and copyediting to produce ebooks and printed books. Interviews with ten authors and two publishers. Available at Amazon.
  • SEO eBook (March, 2014). A 53-page ebook on the changes at Google, Baidu, Yandex, and Bing and how this affects the future of SEO. Based on interviews with senior engineers at Baidu, Yandex, and Google.
  • The Big Book of Content Marketing (May 2013). Strategy and tactics for content marketing with SEO, PPC, and social media. How to set goals and tracking to determine KPIs, including CPL, and CPA. The book is an Amazon Best Seller and reached the #2 position for web marketing books. Praise from Act-On Software, The Experts Bench, Stanford Graduate School of Business, YouSendIt, Citrix, and Polycom. ISBN 978-0-9893600-0-5 USA. Amazon Best Seller. Published in the US and Paris.
  • Search Engine Marketing. How to use analytics to manage multichannel marketing (SEO, PPC, social networks, email, radio, TV, mobile, and other channels). McGraw-Hill, 2009. At Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores. Published in US and Taiwan by McGraw-Hill. The China edition was published by Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, 2010. The Taiwan edition was published by McGraw-Hill Taiwan, 2009. Available at Amazon.
  • Search Marketing Professional. Created a 3-day course with certification by the Silicon Valley American Marketing Association (SV-AMA). Course covers business strategy, demand generation, digital marketing, e-commerce, search marketing, search engine optimization, and web analytics. The courseware is used at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Rider University in New Jersey.
  • Insider SEO & PPC. How to use search engines to get qualified leads, prospects, and customers by building and managing SEO and PPC campaigns. Interviews with Google, Microsoft, Clicktracks Web Analytics, and others. Second edition. Jain Publishing, 2006.
  • Insider’s Guide to SEO. Book on SEO. This was the first edition. After a year, we updated it as a second edition (see the book above). Jain Publishing, 2004.
  • Hands-On Web Design. This came out in early 1996. By 1998, there were hundreds of books on HTML but this was one of the first books about HTML web development. Jain Publishing. 1996.


I had no idea about the plethora of possibilities ChatGPT and other AI offer for marketing. Andreas did an outstanding job using real life examples, giving recommendations and answering all the questions.

Sandra KrombacherDirector Marketing, Kontron

This session was extremely informative, and now I have new ideas of our to utilize AI into my company’s marketing.

Stacey BoocherContent Marketing Specialist, Bostik

This course was highly relevant in helping me understand the ever changing AI space and how this is going to impact digital marketing now and in the future.

Melanie ChuiManager, Referred Marketing, Home Equity Bank

Andreas’ use of relevant examples was incredibly impactful and practical. The examples provided tangible solutions that we will begin to consider implementing to support our marketing strategy.

Nelly ValentinSenior Director, Marketing, Somos

Excellent content that will greatly support our company’s initiative to stay ahead of the AI revolution.

Michael GarroMarketing Manager, Baker Electric

I went into this session thinking that the subject matter might be interesting to know about. I left it understanding that it is absolutely essential that I make this a part of my work. The session was SO MUCH information, but gave me inspiration and direction to move forward. SO WELL DONE.

Brad NelsonDirector of Marketing, All Packaging Company

This course was a useful jumping off point for understanding the world of AI and how it will impact marketing careers in the future.

Lauren JerniganAssistant Director of Social Media, Kensington Publishing Co.

This class provided me with practical and applicable takeaways, making it a great learning experience. I highly recommend this class to anyone seeking tangible and immediate benefits. I will be sure to bring key takeaways to my team.

Krystal PotenzaMarketing Manager, Wind Services, Crowley

No matter if you are ready for AI or not, it’s coming! Andreas Ramos did an excellent job of breaking down AI and explaining how to leverage ChatGPT and AI for digital marketers.

Lauren BunchAssistant Director for Online and Visitor Experiences, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

Solid training course with knowledgeable presenter.

Rowan LawsonVP Marketing, Ideal Industries, dba Cree Lighting

As a marketer who’s interested in AI but is not technically minded I’m very pleased with the introduction I received to learn about the AI landscape and tactically how to leverage it for my team. I feel I have a better foothold now on the AI landscape to confidently communicate the benefits AI can have on our daily marketing operations. – Not written by AI

Alexandra RinehimerSenior Global Campaigns Manager, Mimecast

A Game-Changer for Digital Marketing Teams!

Dimitri CazenaveDigital Marketing Specialist, Elma Electronic
Leveraging AI for Digital Marketing Success, a 3-Module Masterclass
Live Online, 15227 Perry Lane,Morgan Hill,California-95037
Starting on
December 8, 2023
Ending on
December 8, 2023
Our three-session workshop gives digital marketers the knowledge and skills to use these AI tools, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity in their marketing. This course takes a practical, hands-on approach, emphasizing applicable tools and techniques.
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