Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 Live Online Certification Workshop

(10:00 am – 12:00 pm PST)
2021-7-21 10:00:00 2021-7-21 12:00:00 America/Los_Angeles Google Analytics 4.0 Intermediate: Use the GA4 Reports Live Online Certification Webinar Online Laurie Beasley [email protected]

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Web analytics is a necessity in digital marketing. This gives you data so you can make decisions in your digital marketing campaigns (SEO, SEM, social media, email, apps, and so on) to improve your results.

Google Analytics has been updated from Google Analytics 3.0 to Google Analytics 4.0. It’s not a minor update. Google Analytics 4.0 is substantially different in how it works and how you use it. We’re happy to offer the first live online course in Google Analytics 4.0.

About the Instructor:

This three-part Google Analytics 4.0 workshop is led by Andreas Ramos, author of 18 books on digital marketing. He was the head of Global SEO at Cisco, where he worked with 44 languages in 85 countries. He was also the head of the digital agency at Acxiom, which did digital marketing for Fortune 200 companies. He is currently the CMO of a Silicon Valley startup and an adjunct professor at two universities.

In three workshops, you’ll learn hands-on steps on how to use Google Analytics 4.0. Wherever possible, Andreas adds tips, examples, and insights.Start with part one of the three-part workshops on Google Analytics 4.0. You may continue with workshops for Google Analytics 4.0 Intermediate and Advanced.

What You’ll Learn in this Workshop:

In the Fundamentals workshop, we looked at how Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4) is different from Google Analytics 3.0 (GA3). We covered installation and configuration. We also looked at how to use GA4 with Google Tag Manager (GTM).

In this Intermediate workshop, we cover the basic reports in Google Analytics 4.0. In contrast to GA3, which was based on pages, GA4 is based on user behavior and events, so you get a deeper understanding of your audience and what they are doing.

You can use Google’s sample GA4 account or your own GA4 account. We will go through GA4’s standard menus and options.

You’ll also learn how to use segmentation in your analytics data. For example, you can separate and compare the traffic by desktop versus mobile users. This is easy to do and has a powerful impact on presenting your data. We also cover the Insights tool, how to share reports, and Google’s tool to write UTMs.

Key Takeaways:

  • We look at the standard reports in GA4: Life Cycle, Users, and Events.
  • The Life Cycle Section includes acquisition, engagement via events, and other metrics. The Monetization report lets you track purchases and revenue. The Retention report shows your website’s “stickiness” in getting visitors to come back. You get easy-to-understand reports of Daily Active Users (DAU), Weekly Active Users (WAU), and Monthly Active Users (MAU) and how these compare to each other.
  • The Users Section includes demographics, such as age, gender, interests, and city. Tech includes devices, OS, browsers, screen size, app version (iOS and Android), and so on.
  • The Events Section covers, of course, events. This report shows all of your active events. The Conversions report goes far beyond GA3’s conversion tracking. Because GA4 uses a new data model, you can track literally any action as a conversion. These are easy to set up. Your reports will be more useful to other teams in your organization.
  • We also cover how to use segmentation. Instead of a graph with a single line for all devices, you can separate that line into the different devices, such as desktop, mobile, and tablets, and, just by looking, easily see the trend, compare the differences, and see which one matters. You can compare your traffic’s sources such as direct, organic, search, paid, and referral. You’ll see more examples of segmentation. Your presentations will be better.

Download Material:

  • Video recording of the presentation.
  • PDF of the complete presentation.
  • Access to future updates of the presentation.

The Presentation:

  • The workshop is live so that you can ask your questions during the event.
  • The workshop is hands-on and practical.
  • Step-by-step instructions in numbered lists so you can do this yourself, along with links.
  • Everything in clear English with lots of illustrations and examples.
  • You can copy the examples, edit them, and use them in your work.
  • List of additional reading.

The Course Is for:

  • Companies and agencies to improve their digital marketing.
  • Marketing managers to understand analytics so they can manage staff, agencies, or contractors.
  • Anyone who works with web analytics.

Note: Expect Changes!

Google released GA4 in October 2020. Based on feedback and data, Google continues to add, move, and remove items. We will keep up with the latest changes in Google Analytics 4.0.

Instructor: Andreas Ramos

Special offer from our sponsor MountainTop Data: Workshop attendees will receive $1,000 in free B2B data credits for attending.

2021-7-21 10:00:00 2021-7-21 12:00:00 America/Los_Angeles Google Analytics 4.0 Intermediate: Use the GA4 Reports Live Online Certification Webinar Online Laurie Beasley [email protected]