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Why Take this Course?

Web analytics is a necessity in digital marketing. Web analytics gives you data so you can make decisions in your digital marketing campaigns (SEO, SEM/PPC, social media, email marketing, and so on) to improve your results. This is the first of three workshop modules that show you how to install and use Google Analytics 4.0.

In the first workshop, we’ll look at the difference between Google Analytics 3.0 (GA3) and Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4). Then, we go on to the installation of GA4 and the tracking tags for WordPress, Wix, and other CMS, plus Google Tag Manager (GTM). How to configure the GA4 Admin panel and add and manage users.

This class demonstrates a live connection to GA4. Instead of screenshots, we log into GA4 and use it live in this class. Everything is recorded so you can review it again. You can also follow along with your Google Analytics 4.0 account or the free publicly-accessible Google Analytics 4.0 account.

(Can’t attend a live workshop? No problem. All workshops are recorded, and we’ll send you the recording, workbook and any supplementary materials within a day of completion after we’ve had time to edit the recording.)

The Google Analytics 4.0 course series is a three-module workshop series. Each part is two hours for a total of six hours. You can take the courses individually or sign up for all three for a significant discount. Take the courses either live or recorded.

Module 1, Workshop date and time:

Friday, December 2, 2022 (12:00 pm to 2:00 pm PDT).

Key Takeaways:

  • Why did Google create Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4)?
  • Why upgrade to GA4?
  • Comparison of GA3 vs. GA4.
  • Don’t look for GA3 features in GA4.
  • Google continues to develop GA4.
  • How to get access to the public version of a GA4 account.
  • Upgrade, install, and configure GA4.
  • How to install the GA4 tracking tags in WordPress and other CMS with Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  • How to check the GA4 and GTM tags.
  • If you only have GA4, how to add GA3.
  • How to configure the GA4 Admin panel.
  • Add and manage users.
  • How to increase data retention.
  • How to use the change history.
  • Filters, dashboards, views, automated reports, and alerts in GA4.
  • How to understand analytics data with a bit of statistics.
  • Resources for GA4: Links at Google, other sites, and ebooks.

How to Convince Your Boss Why You Should Take this Class:

Google will be sunsetting Google Analytics 3.0 sometime in 2023, they say.  Your digital marketing team needs to understand the data presented in Google Analytics 4.0 and how to manipulate the reports.

With objective data, your teams can create and manage digital marketing that reaches your business goals.

Google Analytics shows you what works or doesn’t work. Use data (not guesswork, tradition, or opinions) to make marketing decisions.

The Presentations:

  • The Google Analytics 4.0 workshops are hands-on and practical.
  • You’ll see many examples, tips, notes, and insights so you’ll understand how to use Google Analytics 4.0.
  • Workshops are live, so you can ask your questions.
  • Can’t attend live workshops? No problem! All workshops are recorded. If you have questions, you’re welcome to email the instructor.
  • Screenshots with step-by-step instructions in numbered lists with links.
  • You can copy the examples, edit them, and use them in your work.
  • Each section has handy checklists that you can use for your work.

Download Material:

  • Video of the presentation with slides and audio.
  • PDF of the complete presentation.
  • Guide to using the Explore tool. Fifteen pages of numbered steps show you how to build your reports.
  • A list of the 1,300 topics that Google uses for targeting in marketing.

Who is the course for?

By understanding Google Analytics 4.0, you can do the work yourself or manage your team, agency, or consultants. This course is for digital marketing managers, marketing managers, social media managers, web masters, ecommerce managers, demand generation managers, creative directors, agency account directors, and media planners in B2C and B2B companies, government, and non-profits who use Google Analytics to understand their digital marketing data.

The Presenter:

Andreas Ramos

Vice President, Digital Marketing
Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc.

Andreas Ramos head shot

Andreas Ramos has over 20 years of professional experience in SEO and digital marketing. He was the head of Global SEO at Cisco, where he worked with 44 languages in 85 countries, and the digital agency at Acxiom. He has worked in digital marketing since the mid-90s for small startups and global companies. He is the author of 22+ books on SEO and digital marketing. His book on SEO was published in three languages by McGraw-Hill. You’ll learn hands-on Google Ads from one of the leading experts in Silicon Valley.


This was an amazing workshop. I really enjoyed that it wasn’t overly technical and didn’t overwhelm. The presenter sought to educate versus overwhelm or “impress” with technical knowledge.

Sarah WallaceDigital Manager, Hope for the Heart

Andreas is a great teacher with a knack for cutting through Google’s jargon and fluid rules to make it easier to grasp and use the features of GA4. Also, I learned more than just the fundamentals of Analytics 4.

Dave ReyburnBrand Marketing Manager, Remedi Electronic Commerce

The course today was very helpful! Easy to follow along and implement immediately.

Gayle HallMarketing Coordinator, HiLine Homes

Very informative and great presenter. Really enjoyed everything that was presented and will use in the future.

Katie HessMarketing and Communications Admin, Ergon, Inc.
Use Google Analytics 4.0 for Digital Marketing, Module 1: Installation and Configuration
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December 2, 2022
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December 2, 2022
In the first workshop, we’ll look at the difference between Google Analytics 3.0 (GA3) and Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4). Then, we go on to the installation of GA4 and the tracking tags for WordPress, Wix, and other CMS, plus Google Tag Manager (GTM). How to configure the GA4 Admin panel and add and manage users.
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