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Use Google Analytics 4.0 for Digital Advertising Masterclass

Why Take These Courses?

Web analytics is a necessity in digital marketing. Web analytics gives you data so you can make decisions in your digital marketing campaigns (SEO, SEM/PPC, social media, email marketing, and so on) to increase your results. These workshops show you how to install and use Google Analytics 4.0.

Note: Google Analytics 4.0 versus Google Analytics 3.0

Google released Analytics 4.0 in October 2020. Although they called it an update, it’s a new form of analytics.

  • Google Analytics 3.0 (GA3) tracks web pages (clicks, visitors, and so on).
  • In contrast, Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4) tracks audiences and events across all devices and platforms. As a result, GA4 is a fundamental change in understanding web data.
  • Where GA3 offered 104 basic reports, ready to use, GA4 has the Explore tool, which lets you open your data and create highly-customed unlimited reports. GA4 Explore brings a new tool to the field of web analytics.
  • GA4 also introduces predictive data. Where GA3 only presented past data, GA4 uses AI to predict audiences likely to buy from you. You can then create marketing campaigns to reach those audiences.
  • GA4 is a work in progress. Google continues to add, move, or remove items in GA4. We keep up with the latest changes in GA4.
  • This course focuses on GA4. We also offer a course on Google Analytics 3.0 (GA3), which you can read about here.

Our recommendation is to use both GA3 and GA4 because they do different things

(Can’t attend a live workshop? No problem. These workshops are recorded, and we’ll send you the recording, workbook, and any supplementary materials within a day of completion after we’ve had time to edit the recording.)

Module 1: Google Analytics 4.0 Masterclass: Installation and Configuration.

Special Series Pricing: All three Google Analytics 4.0 Masterclass workshop modules $1,100 are now 50% off—$550. Enroll here.


In the first workshop, we’ll look at the difference between Google Analytics 3.0 (GA3) and Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4). Then, we go on to the installation of GA4 and the tracking tags for WordPress, Wix, and other CMS’s, plus Google Tag Manager (GTM). How to configure the GA4 Admin panel and add and manage users.

This module demonstrates a live connection to GA4. Instead of screenshots, we log into GA4 and use it live in this class. Everything is recorded so you can review it again. You can also follow along with your Google Analytics 4.0 account or the free publicly accessible Google Analytics 4.0 account.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why did Google create Google Analytics 4.0 (GA4)?
  • Why upgrade to GA4?
  • Comparison of GA3 vs. GA4.
  • Don’t look for GA3 features in GA4.
  • Google continues to develop GA4.
  • How to get access to the public version of a GA4 account.
  • Upgrade, install, and configure GA4.
  • How to install the GA4 tracking tags in WordPress and other CMS with Google Tag Manager (GTM).
  • How to check the GA4 and GTM tags.
  • If you only have GA4, how to add GA3.
  • How to configure the GA4 Admin panel.
  • Add and manage users.
  • How to increase data retention.
  • How to use the change history.
  • Filters, dashboards, views, automated reports, and alerts in GA4.
  • How to understand analytics data with a bit of statistics.
  • Resources for GA4: Links at Google, other sites, and ebooks.

Module 2: Google Analytics 4.0 Masterclass: The User Behavior, Monetization, and Events Reports.

Special Series Pricing: All three Google Analytics 4.0 Masterclass workshop modules $1,100 are now 50% off—$550. Enroll here.


In this course, we’ll look at additional features and options in GA4. You’ll learn how to use segmentation in your analytics data. For example, you can separate and compare the traffic by desktop versus mobile users. This is easy to do and has a powerful impact on presenting your data. We also cover the Insights tool, how to share reports, and Google’s tool to write UTMs.

This class demonstrates a live connection to GA4. Instead of screenshots, we log into GA4 and use it live in this class. Everything is recorded so you can review it again. You can also follow along with your Google Analytics 4.0 account or the free publicly-accessible Google Analytics 4.0 account.

Key Takeaways:

  • Where GA3 had 104 reports, GA4 has only 14 basic reports. We start with the Real Time report. The Life Cycle Section includes acquisition, engagement via events, monetization, retention, and other metrics. The Monetization report lets you track purchases and revenue. The Retention report shows your website’s “stickiness” in getting visitors to come back. You get easy-to-understand reports of Daily Active Users (DAU), Weekly Active Users (WAU), and Monthly Active Users (MAU) and how these compare to each other.
  • The Users Section includes demographics, such as age, gender, interests, and city. Technology includes devices, OS, browsers, screen size, app version (iOS and Android), and so on.
  • The Advertising section includes reports on your website’s ad revenue.
  • The Events Section covers, of course, events. This report shows all of your active events. The Conversions report goes far beyond GA3’s conversion tracking. Because GA4 uses a new data model, you can track literally any action as a conversion. These are easy to turn on and off. Your reports will be useful to other teams in your organization.
  • In addition, we cover the search bar, calendar, and the Insights Panel. We also cover how to use Comparison (called Segmentation in GA3). Instead of a graph with a single line for all devices, you can separate that line into the different devices, such as desktop, mobile, and tablets, and, just by looking, easily see the trend, compare the differences, and see which one matters. You can compare your traffic sources such as direct, organic, search, paid, and referral. As a result, your presentations will be better.
  • A few final slides cover general issues with GA4, such as how to use heat maps to see where people click on your page, how to use UTM tags to track clicks on social media postings and social media ads, benchmarking, how to know when you’ll have to switch to the paid version of GA4, what happened to Google FloC, Google Topics, and how to get additional help from Google.

Module 3: Google Analytics 4.0 Masterclass: Use Explore to Build Custom Reports.

Special Series Pricing: All three Google Analytics 4.0 Masterclass workshop modules $1,100 are now 50% off—$550. Enroll here.


In this third workshop module, you learn how to create your reports. In contrast to GA3, which has dozens of ready-to-use reports, GA4 offers only a few basic reports and then leaves it up to you to create the custom reports you need using the Explore tool.

Explore, the report creation tool, has dozens of options to create personalized reports that fit your organization’s needs.

This is the core idea of GA4. GA4 gives you the tools to select and present your data. Instead of using GA3’s ready-made data, you become a data analyst.

Another major new feature is predictive analytics. Google AI uses your data to predict audiences (such as men 18-24 in California who use desktop computers, or women 25-34 in New York who use Android phones) who are likely to buy from you in the next seven or 30 days. You can use this to create marketing to reach those audiences.

This class uses a live connection to GA4. Instead of screenshots, we log into GA4 and use it live in this class. Everything is recorded so you can recreate the reports.

We will send you a 15-page handout with numbered steps so you can create your custom reports.

You can follow along with your GA4 account or use Google’s publicly accessible GA4 account.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Explore Tool: How to create your customized GA4 reports.
  • We start with a quick overview of the tools and features in the Explore tool.
  • The template gallery and the types of reports that you can use.
  • An acquisition report.
  • A conversion report.
  • User behavior report.
  • Predicted top spenders report.
  • Ecommerce report.
  • Gaming report.
  • User lifetime report.
  • How to see anomalies in your data.
  • How to use Segments to create audiences in your reports. You can create just about any kind of group as a segment for further analysis and comparison.
  • How to use filters to focus the data in your reports. Instead of all cities in the world, you can see only the cities in your state.
  • The predictive metrics report is new in GA4. Google uses your data to predict the demographics of who will likely buy from you.
  • Finally, a few notes on the future of Google Analytics.

How to Convince Your Boss Why You Should Take this Class:

Google will be sunsetting Google Analytics 3.0 sometime in 2023, they say.  Your digital marketing team needs to understand the data presented in Google Analytics 4.0 and how to manipulate the reports.

With objective data, your teams can create and manage digital marketing that reaches your business goals.

Google Analytics shows you what works or doesn’t work. Use data (not guesswork, tradition, or opinions) to make marketing decisions.

The Presentations:

  • The Google Analytics 4.0 workshops are hands-on and practical.
  • You’ll see many examples, tips, notes, and insights so you’ll understand how to use Google Analytics 4.0.
  • Workshops are live, so you can ask your questions.
  • Can’t attend live workshops? No problem! All workshops are recorded. If you have questions, you’re welcome to email the instructor.
  • Screenshots with step-by-step instructions in numbered lists with links.
  • You can copy the examples, edit them, and use them in your work.
  • Each section has handy checklists that you can use for your work.

Download Material:

  • Video of the presentation with slides and audio.
  • PDF of the complete presentation.
  • Guide to using the Explore tool. Fifteen pages of numbered steps show you how to build your reports.
  • A list of the 1,300 topics that Google uses for targeting in marketing.

Who is the course for?

By understanding Google Analytics 4.0, you can do the work yourself or manage your team, agency, or consultants. This course is for digital marketing managers, marketing managers, social media managers, web masters, ecommerce managers, demand generation managers, creative directors, agency account directors, and media planners in B2C and B2B companies, government, and non-profits who use Google Analytics to understand their digital marketing data.

The Presenter:

Andreas Ramos

Andreas Ramos head shot

Andreas Ramos teaches courses at the DMAnc.org in digital marketing with AI, SEO, digital advertising, Google Analytics 4.0, and LinkedIn profile optimization.

  • Adjunct Professor teaching university-level AI-powered digital marketing at Omnes Education, CSTU.edu, and the DMAnc.org.
  • Author of 22+ books on digital marketing, including five Amazon Best Sellers. Books published by McGraw-Hill, Tsinghua University Press, and others in five languages.
  • Digital marketing since 1995. Former director of the digital agency at Acxiom, where he led digital marketing projects for global banks, airlines, hotels, and more. Director of Global SEO at Cisco, where he worked in 44 languages in 84 countries. He was CMO of a Silicon Valley startup and is currently an advisor to two AI startups. His current clients include Stanford and Harvard. He has worked with Cigna, ATT, Chase, Citibank Brazil, Bain, SUN, Brio Technology, Oracle, SGI, NTT, and smaller companies.
  • Keynote speaker at conferences in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, Beijing, Shanghai, Copenhagen, Vienna, Karachi, Stanford, and other cities.
  • Member of the association for people who work in SEO at Silicon Valley Fortune 500s. Noted Most Valuable Contributor (2014).
  • In Palo Alto since 1992.
  • Master’s degree from Universität Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Website is https://andreas.com (online since 1994).
  • Social media: LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/in/andreasramos/ and X (formerly Twitter) https://twitter.com/Andreas_Ramos.
  • Contact Andreas at [email protected].

Excellent introduction to G4 Analytics!

Abigail BrowningVice President, Penny Publications, LLC

This is a great intro to GA4 and helps clarify many things that are not included in Google’s documentation.

Nataly WelchMarketing Trainee, ICAST

Excellent course in explaining the new features and changes of Google Analytics 4

Josephine BrienzaManager Design & Production, Web & Digital Publishing, Penny Publishing, LLC

Great value and insights into Google Analytics GA 4.0 and beyond. Highly recommend the full course covered in three workshop modules.

Dana Fodorean-MarinovaSenior Analyst Search Engine Marketing, Digi-Key Electronics, Germany, GmbH

This GA4 course gave me a better understanding of how to leverage the platform. It was helpful to understand how to build segments using AI.

Karn FiskMarketing Analyst, Hamilton Company

GA4 isn’t the end of the world, it’s a new world. Be prepared for it.

Bud KleppeDirector of Marketing, CarTech Books

Terrific course especially for those who do not know much about GA4 (like me)!

Barbara EjnesVP Marketing, Continuing Education Company

This workshop is very informative and helpful with understanding the differences between 3.0 and 4.0, as well as getting started with 4.0

Kyleigh ForbesMarketing and Communications Specialist, ASCEND Cardiovascular

One of the best courses I have ever taken! Amazing, relevant, unique content. Worth every dollar and minute of your time!

Danielle ThorntonDigital Growth Manager, Nature’s Way

The teacher was extremely detailed and great at explaining the difference between GA3 and GA4.

Kathryn BasileSpringer Publishing Company

This workshop provided very useful information and it allows me to develop my knowledge about Google Analytics’ tools.

Dana Fodorean-MarinovaSenior Analyst Search Engine Marketing, Digi-Key Electronics Germany GmbH

Great course! Instructor is very knowledgable and definitely has tons of experience. I’m more on the advanced side of things, using the Google stack for over a decade and the intro course was still very helpful.

Jesse NuttallDirector of Digital, Director of Digital

Very knowledgeable instructor.

Dina CliffordDirector of Marketing, NIC, Inc.

For not knowing much about Google Analytics, I now have the confidence to tackle this beast.

Richard MoralesDirector of Marketing and PR, Mid-Valley Hospital & Clinic

Great overview of GA4. It will help you understand what GA4 is, how it differs from it’s predecessor, UA, and how to install it.

Matthew WillisWeb Developer, Hoyu America Co, LTD

Andreas is a great resource on a variety of topics, explaining things in an easy to understand way whether you are a novice or seasoned professional.

Steven LafontaineInternet Marketing Director, West Coast Self-Storage

Workshop dates and times:


Module 1: Installation and Configuration
Friday, September 20, 2024
9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PDT

Module 2: The User Behavior, Monetization, and Events Reports.
Friday, September 27, 2024
9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PDT

Module 3: Use Explore to Make Custom Reports.
Friday, October 4, 2024
9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. PDT

Use Google Analytics 4.0 for Digital Marketing Masterclass: A Three-Module Workshop Series
Live Online, 15227 Perry Lane,Morgan Hill,California-95037
Starting on
September 20, 2024
Ending on
September 20, 2024
The Google Analytics 4.0 course is a three-part series of workshop modules. Each module is two hours for a total of six hours. Take the course either live or recorded.
Offer Price
USD 550