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Why Take this Course?

This is Module 2 of a four-workshop series that shows you what to do to get your pages to appear higher on Google and other search engines to get more visitors, leads, and sales. The four-part series covers:

  • Keyword research: How to find the best keywords and spoken queries.
  • On-page SEO: How to get better site indexing and improve what your visitors see on the page.
  • Technical SEO: How to find and fix technical issues that affect your site ranking.
  • Off-page SEO: Additional steps to improve your page’s ranking in Google.
  • Page Optimization for Speed: Google gives preference to pages that open quickly.

This workshop covers on-page SEO—These are the measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve your search ranking.  Many things can be improved to get better indexing, such as site architecture, page design, grammar, text, site search, and video. These improvements are also good for your visitors, as they can make for a better, more organized experience when they visit your site.

  • We continue with technical SEO. This includes changes to the HTML code so search engines can put your page in the right category. You’ll see how to find meta-tags in your HTML code. We will cover how to edit the meta-tags, the page heading, the body text, ALT tags, and the text in links. We give you a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that automatically adds up the characters in your meta-tags so they stay within Google’s character limits. You’ll also see a quick way to test meta-tags to get the best ones. We also discuss which pages to choose for SEO work. You’ll also see how to do SEO for images, including how to make changes to the hidden text in images, along with other technical issues. And we’ll cover other technical issues such as canonical tags and HRefLang tags, 404-error pages, 301-Redirects, and how to find and fix broken internal links, and XML sitemaps for pages and images. Everything is explained in clear English with numbered steps so you can make the changes.

(Can’t attend the live workshop? No problem. This workshop is recorded, and we’ll send you the recording, workbook, and any supplementary materials within a day of completion after we’ve had time to edit the recording.)

Each module is two hours and the 4-module series is a total of eight hours. Take the courses either live or recorded.

Module 2, workshop date and time:

Pre-recorded. Next live workshop coming in Fall 2023!

Key Takeaways:

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to optimize your pages.
  • SEO for the text on your page, including headings, body text, and links.
  • How to write meta-tags, along with a spreadsheet to manage meta-tags.
  • Tools to see the meta-tags on your site (and your competitors’ sites).
  • How to do SEO for images, including ALT tags and the hidden meta-data.
  • Technical issues include canonical tags and HRefLang tags, 404-error pages, 301-Redirects, how to find and fix broken internal links, and XML sitemaps for pages and images.
  • Lots of examples of code for you to copy, edit, paste, and use.
  • Checklists for on-page SEO and technical SEO.

How to Convince Your Boss Why You Should Take this Workshop:

You use SEO to ensure your web pages show up when people use search engines. You can also use ideas in SEO for digital advertising (Google Ads and ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on), social media posts, content marketing, and video to reach your audience. This brings more visits, leads, and sales.

Internal teams know the organization’s goals, products, and services better than agencies or consultants and can communicate better than them. This course will help your internal team to:

  • Manage SEO: You’ll understand how to set up and run your SEO projects. If you manage staff, interns, agencies, or contractors, you’ll be able to tell them what to do and get results that matter.
  • Use the Before/After Reports: This SEO course includes reports for you to fill out before and after the SEO work. This lets you measure your results.
  • Cost-effective: This course will help you to carry out SEO faster and at a lower cost.

The Presentations:

  • The workshops are hands-on and practical.
  • The workshops are live so that you can ask your questions.
  • Can’t attend the live workshops? No problem! All workshops are recorded. If you have questions, you’re welcome to send an email to the instructor.

Download Material:

  • Recorded video of PowerPoint presentations with audio.
  • Complete PDF of the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Step-by-step instructions in numbered lists with the links and checklists.
  • Supplementary materials, including spreadsheets for managing keywords, sorting keywords, and translating keywords, and eBooks.
  • Google’s internal training manual for their page quality review team.
  • LPO ebook by Andreas Ramos.

Who is the course for?

Marketing managers, digital marketing managers, search marketing managers, web masters, creative directors, agency account directors, and media planners in B2C and B2B companies, government, and non-profits.

The Presenter:

Andreas Ramos

Vice President, Digital Marketing
Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc.

Andreas Ramos head shot

Andreas Ramos has over 20 years of professional experience in SEO and digital marketing. He was the head of Global SEO at Cisco, where he worked with 44 languages in 85 countries, and the digital agency at Acxiom. He has worked in SEO since the mid-90s. He is the author of 22+ books on SEO and digital marketing. His book on SEO was published in three languages by McGraw-Hill. You’ll learn hands-on SEO from one of the leading experts in Silicon Valley.


This is about the 3 rd class i’ve taken with DMANC, and i keep coming back for the relevance of the content, and we get updates to the information in real time.

Amanda PruynDigital Specialist, Progressive Medical

I liked the detailed examples along with links and recent data point. Some slides were updated right before the class to address news in the market.

Anna PlehnEcommerce Marketing Manager, ViewSonic

Eye-opening! There’s so much I need to do and check on our eCommerce site!

Lily HunterSenior Product Manager, eCommerce and Supplies, Roland DGA

These workshops have a lot of great information and is presented in a straightforward manner. Thank you for making it possible for people to learn without having to go to college for it.

Crystal SchwartzDirector of Marketing, Pine Village

Andreas Ramos provides clear instruction on how to effectively use SEO to pop your web site to the top of the page.

Mandi ToutschClient Services Representative, US Census

Great detailed information, well versed presenter, and up-to-date knowledge for SEO. Time and money well spent.

Katie GuyMarketing Event/Campaign Specialist at Ultimus Fund Solutions

I took so many notes despite knowing I’d get the presentation slides at the end! That’s a great sign of relevant and pertinent info.

Celinda OliveWeb Content Specialist, Esultants Web Services

Very knowledgeable instructor and would take other courses offered by the

Richard YagerDirector of Marketing

Presentation was very useful and helpful. It goes through a variety of SEO topics and in great detail.

Jessica KlimczykSenior, Schneider Downs & Co., Inc.
Use SEO for Digital Marketing--Module 2, On-page SEO and Technical SEO
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September 20, 2023
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September 20, 2023
The next step is on-page SEO—These are the measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve your search ranking. 
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