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Individual pre-recorded online workshops $300 each, Now $225 each

Special Series Pricing: All three SEO pre-recorded online workshops + Mobile-first Design for $1,200 $675. Enroll here.

This three-part series is led by Andreas Ramos, author of 22+ books on digital marketing. He was the Head of Global SEO at Cisco, where he worked with 44 languages in 85 countries. He also founded three digital agencies (one with 170 staff) and was the head of the digital agency at Acxiom, which did digital marketing for Fortune 200 companies. Andreas has trained dozens of interns and staffers and he brings that knowledge to you. You’ll learn hands-on SEO from one of the leading experts in Silicon Valley.

Our Goal:

You will learn how to optimize your SEO. You will get actionable tactics and strategies that you can apply to your organization. The courses include hands-on walk-throughs of the key tools (and you can review the presentations to make sure you get all of the details). The courses also have examples of projects, both good and bad. Your goal is to get a job in digital marketing, move up in your company to a better job title, or improve your organization’s ranking in search engines.

SEO Fundamentals

Individual pre-recorded online workshops $300 each, Now $225 each. Enroll here for SEO Fundamentals Pre-Recorded.

Special Series Pricing: All three SEO pre-recorded online workshops + Mobile-first Design for $1,200 $675. Enroll here.

What You’ll Learn in this Workshop:

You will learn how to optimize your SEO. You will get actionable tactics and strategies that you can apply to your organization. The workshop is presented as a hands-on workshop with walk-throughs of the key tools. You’ll also see lots of examples of what works (and what doesn’t work). You will learn how to improve your organization’s ranking in search engines. Throughout this course, we will use two example companies in B2C and B2B. These examples let you see how to apply the course to your work. You get copies of the video and PowerPoints so you can later review the presentations again to make sure you get all of the details.

  • The workshop opens with a quick overview of the role of SEO in your overall digital marketing strategy, including content marketing, SEM (Google Ads), social media, video, and analytics.
  • You’ll see how to find thousands of keywords (including your competitors’ keywords) and keyword phrases.
  • You’ll see how to use those keywords to write your meta-tags. You can use keyword phrases as headings for articles, web pages, social media postings, and videos.
  • You’ll see how to test meta-tags to find the best one. The workshop closes with local SEO for companies that have locations in several cities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why SEO? What is SEO, and why should a company use SEO?
  • Keyword Research: We cover ten free tools to find keywords, including your competitors’ keywords. Use keywords to drive customer traffic to your sales funnel and pages.
  • Keyword Phrases Research. How to use six free tools to find the phrases that your customers use when they search. Use these phrases to bring them to the relevant phases of your conversion funnel or your webpage.
  • You’ll see an easy way to test thousands of keywords to find the ones that work for you.
  • The role of keywords for meta-tags: What are they, how to see them, what they do, how they work.
  • How to translate keywords into 16 languages.
  • How to make permutations of keywords.
  • SEO for companies with offices in multiple locations.

SEO Intermediate

Individual pre-recorded online workshops $300 each, Now $225 each. Enroll here for SEO Intermediate only.

Special Series Pricing: All three SEO pre-recorded online workshops + Mobile-first Design for $1,200 $675. Enroll here.

What You’ll Learn in this Workshop:

In this workshop you’ll see the relationship between keywords, meta-tags, and Google’s search results. By making changes to keywords and meta-tags, you can improve your ranking in Google search results.

You will see how to find meta-tags in the HTML code. We will cover how to edit the meta-tags, the page heading, the body text, ALT tags, and the text in links. We will give you a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that lets you make sure your meta-tags stay within Google’s character limits. You’ll also see a quick way to test meta-tags to get the best ones. We also discuss which pages to choose for SEO work.

We’ll also talk about the Google updates (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, HTTPS, and Mobile-first) and whether they affect your work. You’ll get a list of banned topics at Google so you can avoid problems. Finally, if Google bans your page, you’ll see how to get Google to add your page again.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are meta-tags?
  • How keywords, meta-tags, and pages work together.
  • How to write optimal meta-tags.
  • Spreadsheet to manage meta-tags.
  • How to test meta-tags.
  • Google Updates.
  • Google banned topics and how to be re-included.
  • SEO and webpages, blog tools, internal site search, bounce rates, SPA sites.
  • SEO for your images: Google image indexing, ALT tags, EXIF, Google Lens.
  • SEO for your videos at YouTube.

SEO Advanced

Individual pre-recorded online workshops $300 each, Now $225 each. Enroll here for SEO Advanced only.

Special Series Pricing: All three SEO pre-recorded online workshops + Mobile-first Design for $1,200 $675. Enroll here.

What You’ll Learn in this Workshop:

In the final session, we look at advanced topics in SEO. We’ll see how Google indexes and ranks webpages. You’ll see the history of Google’s AI machine learning tool and how Google uses ten thousand people and a scoring system to decide which pages to show at the top of search results. You’ll see what technical factors Google likes (and doesn’t like) so you can improve your pages. We then look at Screaming Frog, an advanced SEO tool that is very powerful yet easy to use.

This session covers many technical issues in SEO. We will show everything with lots of examples for you to copy, edit, and use.

Key Takeaways:

  • See how Google ranks websites.
  • The Screaming Frog SEO tool. Use this to see detailed information about your meta-tags.
  • How to use Screaming Frog to edit your meta-tags by pixel width.
  • See which pages have empty tags, tags that are duplicates, or tags that are too long.
  • See all internal links on your site, including broken internal links.
  • See all outgoing links on your site that point to other websites so you can remove obsolete or broken links.
  • See how to find 404-error pages at your site.
  • How to use 301s to fix 404s (and what that means in plain English :-).
  • See the pages at your site that can’t be indexed by search engines.
  • Simple way to make XML and image XML sitemaps.
  • See which pages open too slowly so you can get them to open quicker.
  • See which images don’t have ALT tags.
  • How to do link building.
  • How to disavow toxic incoming links.
  • Schema, OpenGraph, Featured Snippets: What these are and how to use them.
  • SEO for Social Media.
  • How to use analytics with SEO.
  • Get your site in all search engines, including Google, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex on desktop and mobile.
  • SEO and HREFLang tags (with examples) for international SEO.
  • SEO and canonical tags.
  • SEO and the ADA.
  • SEO and Mobile-first indexing.
  • An SEO help desk at your company.
  • The future of SEO.
  • SEO for voice search.
  • A long-term strategy for SEO.

Addendum for the Third Workshop: Schema, OpenGraph, and Featured Snippets:

Have you noticed that Google adds blocks of text or photos at the top of many search pages? Those web pages show up first, get attention, and get the clicks.

Those websites use Schema, OpenGraph, or Featured Snippets.

We give you a bonus 15-page slide deck to see how this works with examples so you can use this for your website.

Mobile-first SEO

Individual pre-recorded online workshop $300, Now $225. Enroll here for Mobile-first SEO only.

Special Series Pricing: All three SEO pre-recorded online workshops + Mobile-first Design for $1,200 $675. Enroll here.

How to Prepare for Mobile-First Design

Our Goal:

Your website may have fallen off an SEO cliff with Google’s core SEO update to mobile-first indexing. Whenever Google rolls out a major core update, hundreds of thousands of websites may suddenly find their traffic has taken a nosedive — and they are scrambling to triage the problem. Many marketing people may lose sleep and their jobs over their lack of preparation for core changes.

Update: Google announced in late November 2021 the speed of webpages will also apply to desktop search in 2022 (no date has been set). What it means is when people search at Google in either desktop or mobile, the page’s speed is part of the ranking. If there are two pages and everything is equal, the faster page will rank higher. This Mobile-first course has been expanded to cover both desktop and mobile. The time to prepare your website is now so you don’t lose valuable clicks, clients and revenue to competitors.

In this workshop, you will learn how update your website for Google’s switch to Mobile-first indexing that took place in mid-June 2021, and the coming switch to 100% Mobile-first indexing in 2022. You will get clear examples of what this means and step-by-step actionable tactics that you can apply to your organization’s website, so that you do not experience a radical drop off in traffic. You’ll also see how to measure your website to see if it will be compliant with Google’s standards. Examples, links, and code will be included in the workshop that you can copy, edit, and paste.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Mobile-first? Why websites must update for Google’s mid-June 2021 and upcoming 2022 core Mobile-first algorithm changes. What happens if they don’t?
  • The difference between responsive design and Mobile-first design.
  • Examples of good and bad Mobile-first design: placement of buttons, tracking tags, and content.
  • Should you re-build your website for Mobile-first?
  • How to look at your analytics, ranking, and competitors.
  • How mobile-first website design will affect not only SEO but also paid ads, social media, and payment systems.
  • How to reduce the text on your site.
  • How to compress images with new image formats, and which images to compress.
  • How to use segmentation in Google Analytics to see your mobile traffic; and Google Search Console and Google CWA metrics to measure your site’s speed and improvement.

This is a live online workshop with lots of opportunity for your questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is Google’s requirement for Mobile-first?
  • What happens if websites don’t design for Mobile-first?
  • Do you need to do this? How to use your web analytics and other tools to decide.
  • How Mobile-first affects SEO, paid ads, and payment systems.
  • The text on your site and how to reduce the amount of it.
  • The images on your site. New image formats, which images to compress, how to compress, and how to manage the formats. How to use lazy load for images.
  • How to Use Google Analytics’ device segmentation and other Google tools.

The Presentations:

  • The workshops are hands-on and practical.
  • The workshops are live so that you can ask your questions.
  • Step-by-step instructions in numbered lists with the links so you can do this yourself.
  • Everything is clear with lots of illustrations and examples. You can copy the examples, edit them, and use them in your work.
  • The presentations feature two fictional companies in B2C and B2B. You can apply these examples to your company, non-profits, and other organizations.
  • List of selected items for additional reading.

Materials Provided:

  • Video of the presentations with slides and audio.
  • PDF of the complete presentations.
  • Spreadsheet for managing meta-tags.
  • Spreadsheet for managing content.
  • List of the top SEO newsletters so you can keep up.

These Courses Are For:

  • Marketing managers, webmasters, eCommerce managers, social media managers, or anyone responsible for increasing organic traffic to your website.
  • Agencies who want to improve their SEO services.

(Can’t attend the live workshop? No problem. All workshops are recorded and we’ll send you the recording, workbook and any supplementary materials within a couple days of completion after we’ve had time to edit the recording.)

Instructor: Andreas Ramos

Special offer from our sponsor MountainTop Data: Workshop attendees will receive $1,000 in free B2B data credits for attending.

What’s Next:

You can continue DMA-NC workshops with Andreas Ramos for Google Ads, social media, analytics, and more. You’ll see how to install and configure these. You’ll also see how to use them separately or together in a combined digital marketing strategy.


I took so many notes despite knowing I’d get the presentation slides at the end! That’s a great sign of relevant and pertinent info.

Celinda OliveWeb Content Specialist, Esultants Web Services

Very informative & entertaining. Learned a lot in two hours.

Karen OlsonVice President of Marketing, CalChamber

Excellent presentation about a very interesting business topic.

Michelle WaltersDigital Marketing Strategist & Customer Success Manager, Marvel Marketers

DMAnc continues to provide helpful, in-depth training that is applicable, relevant, and expert driven.

Alicia GaravagliaHead of Marketing

This workshop gave a great overview of the insight that Google Analytics can provide. Though I have been using Google Analytics for years this course still provided new ways of thinking and reporting that I will be applying when analyzing my company’s website.

Barret GuildDigital Marketing Specialist